Hi All (or Mom, as the case may be):

Welcome to my new blog about RSD/CRPS.  I prefer to call it RSD because I think it’s weird that the International Association For the Study of Pain went with an acronym like CRPS for a condition that puts so many people in wheelchairs. I’m all for self deprecation but even I have limits.

Barely. But they are there.

I have RSD in both lower legs and feet but have gotten better instead of worse over the last few years and made my pain doctor hate me along the way.  Seriously, I am pretty sure the guy would shank me in a dark alley. We’re not seeing each other anymore…

I began relying on nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) instead. I want to share what has helped me and also what has been less than helpful.  I also could use an outlet because my brother tells me I am a drag. Truthfully, I am obsessed with healing myself and I suppose hearing about milk thistle and quinoa all day can be a bit grueling. So now you good people get to hear about it. Thanks for reading!

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