As RSD patients, our livers get quite a work out.  These work outs probably don’t make anything stronger though…my acupuncturist has told me i have the liver of a former drug addict. Sweet! Thankfully the liver regenerates..

Recently I dabbled in milk thistle to help my liver but this herb proved to be too strong for me and made me a bit sick lately.  Last night i stared at the wall trying not to vomit.  Yes, it was a rockin’ Saturday night in Tinseltown.

So, this morning i switched up my usual green smoothie and instead of coconut water & regular water as the base, I used fresh, cooled dandelion tea for some extra liver strength.

My smoothie this morning:

Dandelion tea

Spinach & kale

Frozen mango

Frozen organic raspberries

Vanilla whey powder

Chia seed (cha cha cha chia)

It’s pretty darn good. And hopefully will help my liver.

2 thoughts on “Dandelion

  1. So sorry you were feeling ill. Are you sure it was the milk thistle? I know that Chia seeds make me super nauseated. I think I have a tough time digesting the oil from the chia.

  2. You know what? I’m not sure. The timing makes me think milk thistle but thank you because i will take chia seed out of my diet and see what happens. Paul’s take was that for some milk thistle can start to work (i had a few AMAZING days when i started it but then felt ill) but then can make the liver stagnant. Thanks, Barley.

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