Morphine Withdrawal Was Easier Than This…

I’m not even joking. Nearly a year on MS Contin…that was a few miserable days of withdrawal (granted I had oxycodone to soften that blow). I was on Cymbalta from late April until five days ago and someone needs to just knock me the F out. Punch me, whatever.

I have purposefully made this harder on myself but I have a theory that anything that jolts your brain like this could potentially bring on RSD remission.  When i detoxed from oxycodone two years ago, in addition to spending nights in my bathtub like an f-ing junkie, i started having burning, electrical sensations also hit my arms (as if my legs and feet weren’t enough). I tried not to worry and hoped my brain was just freaking out. Turns out, i was right! It went from total electrical malfunction to normal. Not RSD normal. My old normal. Suddenly nothing hurt me.  It was amazing.  If you have RSD and you’ve had a remission, you know how AWESOME that is and why I am willing to essentially go cold turkey off of Cymbalta which is, admittedly,  a touch of cray. This stuff does such a number on your serotonin levels. I gained a solid 10 pounds just going on this medication. I might be just as excited for that weight loss as i am at possible remission (I know. Shut up).

So it’s day 5 and i am still feeling the brain zaps. Today feels a little less intense. Not sure if it’s because i am getting closer to normal or that i bought out the vitamins section of Whole Foods last night and something is working. I did learn last night that the Omega 3s I had been taking were shit.  I am constantly learning that i know nothing. I also realize that i might just be forgetting a lot as i rediscovered (and bought) supplements at the store last night that i found i also had at home.  Yep, after I cure my RSD, i can move on to my early onset dementia.

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