Mind and body

It’s an accepted notion in our society (both inside and outside the doctor’s office) that stress can harm a heart patient and potentially cause a cardiac event. That’s totally accepted and nobody assumes that person is bonkers – he just has heart trouble.

You can’t separate mind and body.  Stress will exacerbate pain. Don’t feel mental because of it. I actively work to reduce stress with qi gong, acupuncture, walking or epsom salt baths. It helps!

My pain levels are low enough now that i take no medications and i think a big part of that was due to me looking at my life differently. Some of that just came naturally as the last five years completely changed my view of the world.  I feel i have become a nicer, more compassionate person and my priorities just shifted on their own.   But I have also made a conscious decision to change how I react to things because nothing is worth egging myself into a pain cycle.

2 thoughts on “Mind and body

  1. Let me know what you think. I have had people tell me it has helped for EVERYTHING. There are many suggested uses. Last night i put it in my right eye. This was not one of the recommended uses.
    I manage to put my hand toward my face every time… 🙂

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