The difference a year makes

The difference a year makes

A year ago you couldn’t pay me to eat kale. Keep moving. I don’t want your money. Hell, I’d buy it and just throw it away. For months i did that. True story. If only buying it was enough…so bitter to eat.
But then yesterday i woke up craving kale salad and immediately ran out for one…for breakfast.
The anti-inflammatory benefits alone make this great for anyone but especially an RSDer.
And now my body craves it. It still wants cupcakes though…sigh.

6 thoughts on “The difference a year makes

  1. I love this confessional re the cupcakes, but so proud of you facing into the kale. I wonder if you could find a recipe for kale ice cream.

  2. ha! You KNOW my love for cupcakes…I just had a bowl of beets and now i want the vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting from Magnolia…I want…
    I do have an ice cream maker..good idea.. i will look around. Although Dr Lee would yell at me because i am supposed to avoid cold foods (because i am cold on the inside – i will always think that’s funny when he tells me that).

  3. Way to go with your attitude and perseverance towards your healing path. Keep eating the kale and pretty soon maybe you won’t crave the cupcakes anymore. I got through my sugar craving finally but it took some time. Juicing helped me a lot to get rid of the dairy craving which was even harder for me than the sugar cravings, surprisingly. Kale is one of my favorite dark green leafy vegetables to juice. Keep it up and keep writing about your healing path. It helps many. Never give up trying to find the puzzle pieces that work for YOU!!

    • Thank you, Josslyn! I generally only give my body the healthy stuff but I have a hard time denying myself something yummy if i want it that badly. But i have noticed i don’t want the bad stuff that much. And i am super good at convincing myself that organic chocolate cream pie is good for me. Or that if i drink enough green tea, I’m in the clear. I can basically justify anything so let me know if you need help on your dairy craving. 🙂
      I haven’t really gotten into juicing yet – i just throw everything into the blender. To be honest, those machines just look really hard to clean and i can be a bit lazy.
      Thank you so much for the encouragement and for reading my blog!!

      • I think it is good for you now and then to have a treat, for sure. My body won’t tolerate ANY sugar at all unless I want a migraine. So that is total motivation for me. For juicing, I think the juicers are much easier to clean these days then the old ones. Mine is simple and that was a huge priority for me too as I’m quite lazy myself and a busy mom and healer. So, I got one that was easy. I do blending in the morning and juicing in the afternoon and salad in the evening. That way I get the fiber too. Good luck, always great to be in contact with other bloggers who are into health and healing.

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