Week Two: The Experiment

Well, my head is killing me but (bummer that i can’t really concentrate on TV – see post below. I am nuts) I am hopeful we are onto something. When I told Dr Lee my plan last week he looked at me and said he’d been waiting for me to ask for that, like i was Luke to his Yoda. It was a funny moment. Was asking him the way to know I was ready? And more seriously, does this mean i’m a Jedi?

So on the last two Mondays i have gone for Swedish massage (mainly for the benefit to my lower legs) but very light touch so as to not overstimulate the nerves. The first Monday night things were rough and by Tuesday morning just about every muscle was in spasm. On Tuesday afternoon I went and asked for moving cupping on my lower legs to attempt to desensitize them. I’ve been able to desensitize my feet much better than my lower legs. This just gets very painful.

After some screams that i imagine were akin to those you hear in a  North Korean prison, the electric feelings dissipated a bit and, of course, the muscles stopped their spasm. Yesterday I went for the Swedish massage and last night i was ok. This morning things were a bit off and my headache has been awful today (this was not helped by a run-in with an “eccentric?” neighbor).

I had moving cupping again today and i was even able to withstand some cups sitting there on their own for a bit and not screaming. Hoping next week will be even better.  I have egged on my own headache by exciting my nerves so I only have myself to blame for that one!

2 thoughts on “Week Two: The Experiment

  1. I am hanging on your every word. This is better than a detective novel! How will it turn out? You are certainly my heroine in this story!

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