Our brains

Our brains

“A powerful essay on mental health needs that are unmet — a brain on fire (inflammation due to toxins, infections, nutrient starvation, food allergies and sensitivities) is prone to rage and violence.
healthier brains are needed.” – Dr Terri Wahls

Like others, I can’t help but feel absolutely crushed by what happened to those little ones in CT and their brave teachers. I am brought to tears every time I put my mind there.
People always make arguments that video games and violent movies have no impact on people like that shooter. Maybe on an intellectual level they don’t. Just makes me wonder…if he had an already overactive inflammatory response to put him on the Autism Spectrum, had mental illness (more inflammation) and he was introduced to violent video games, could the chemical stress response involved in just playing a game like that create a perfect storm in his brain?  I am NOT attempting to connect violence and Autism. It just happens to have been presented that this boy was on the Spectrum which would mean he had higher levels of inflammation. I imagine that being in some sort of survival mode (as it has been reported that his mother was into) would not help soothe that inflammatory response.
Are one’s inflammation levels the difference between the child who becomes aggressive and the child who doesn’t after playing violent games or seeing violent movies? Just thinking…but this might be why people can lash out so easily when in physical pain. The more my inflammation is on, the shorter my fuse. I am sure several members of my family would back me up on that one.
I have a hard time just accepting the reactionary “we need better services for the mentally ill.” While I am sure that is true, it’s a touchy thing because people have rights and that’s where it’s often difficult to just have someone committed. And it shouldn’t be too easy to have someone committed. But I am hoping we can look at the root cause of mental illness.

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