I do get like this every time i try a  new thing but I think hope and faith go a long way when it comes to medicine.  I dive right in to whatever.. unless it’s made in a lab in Jersey and then I’m convinced you’re trying to kill me slowly (nothing to see here. no crazy. move along…).

Let’s just say Doc was lucky he made it out of the exam room without me trying to mount him. Basically he said everything I have been thinking about Vitamin C and everything i wanted to hear. I think my responses were surprising to him. I needed no convincing. Sign me up. I’m in.  He went through my list of supplements and was like “you’ve got this well covered.” I don’t think I have EVER had a dr tell me that.

So he recommended 8 weeks of high dose C, glutathione, Meyer’s Cocktail and B 12. And I think my exact words were “you’re never going to get rid of me.”  Yes, i really know how to play hard to get. 

Today i just did the Meyers and glutathione and i am just hearing that glutathione will help my skin too!?!  i also read that it will whiten my skin??? Have you f-ing seen me??? My brother already calls me Twilight. I will be translucent.

Doctor said high dose C and glutathione were GREAT for RSD and glutathione specifically is great for neuro issues.  Very excited!!!

2 thoughts on “I am STOKED!

  1. oh yeah!! Watch out radicals and other various thugs, here comes the V–C. And Meyer’s cocktail? Is that a delicious lemon aid??

  2. Love “radicals and other various thugs!” Bubbeye. Funny that when she put the bag for the Meyer’s Cocktail up, the first thought i had was “mmm Chivas.” It looks JUST like a yummy little drink but is a wee better for me. Although, i believe i once beat bronchitis with Chivas and then made Luke drive to my house to hand some off to him for his sickness. Poor Luke…the victim of many of my remedies.

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