Petition to the CDC for RSD Prevention with Vitamin C

“Studies show us that 500 mg Vitamin C taken daily (for 50 days) after injurys and surgerys, decreases the percent of people developing CRPS by 76 %, this has been proven in multipal studies bearing similar results every time.”

And yet most hospitals are NOT giving this or explaining the risk. That’s insane. Please consider signing this. I know that  most people who have this condition would not wish it on their worst enemy. So let’s light a (good) fire under the government to take an interest. Talk about cost/benefit…. RSD is EXPENSIVE to treat but 500 mg tablets, not so much. The research is out there. The health care community needs to catch up with the research and care a little less about what we call this condition. Seriously, what is the hang up over the name?


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