Day 1, IV Vitamin C Therapy

I feel like today’s vitamins all went to the funky green monster living in my lungs and throat at the moment but that’s ok. I coughed the entire time and it’s a good thing they keep you sequestered for that. I would have been unhappy to have anyone around me.

I first had a bag of glutathione which is apparently amazing for neuro problems which took about 15 minutes. Then i had a bag of the high dose C + Myers Cocktail which were mixed together. That bag took about 90 minutes to drip.  They had to keep getting me glasses of water which they told me is normal. The high dose C apparently dehydrates you something crazy. And it did. After that, I had a shot of B 12.  I happen to know from prior bloodtests that i am deficient in B 12. B 12 is important for neuro function.

Nothing exciting to report yet but I am excited to potentially avoid using my antibiotics prescription for the funk in my lungs. Dr thinks the vitamins might knock it out first.

I do feel a little more human and hoping that by next week i can focus more on my RSD symptoms after the vitamins so that i can report back any changes.  I imagine changes will be subtle though and  have more of a cumulative effect after several treatments. I will find out!

4 thoughts on “Day 1, IV Vitamin C Therapy

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted! I think you are correct that any changes will probably be gradual and cumulative. At least that was my experience when I increased my level of vitamin D3. Keeping a few notes helped me judge the results, which otherwise might have been taken for granted.

    • Thanks for reading! I also hope there will be changes!
      And are you able to maintain proper levels of D? I also take D 3 and am always deficient – it can be frustrating!

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