I know that if the IV therapy helps me, it probably will not be the high dose c alone that does it. Of course, the dr gives you other vitamins and minerals so that they all work together to do their thing.  I have high hopes for glutathione as one of my helpers.  

Here’s some good info. on glutathione.



2 thoughts on “Glutathione

  1. If you happen to be low, i might be a little worried you’re not getting much of it (not you, i know you eat a ton of greens). I might ask my vitamin dr about adding it to my supplement list and let you know what he tells me. I do know if you’re low (i think he thinks i am) that you’re supposed to go twice a week for the iv glutathione which i cannot pull off right now. Have you ever had your levels tested? I wonder if i have and don’t know it. It would explain in general why you feel so good with bitter greens in your diet.

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