Beets for RSD

Someone posted this blog about beets today called “7 Reasons to Love Beets” and it caught my eye because of the many benefits for an RSD patient – or any pain patient for that matter.  Whenever i am caught in a pain cycle, i change my eating drastically and/or take a ton of epsom baths to add a bunch of magnesium to my body all in an attempt to tweak my brain out of the pain cycle. And it often works. I feel that my pain cycles are shorter and shorter.  Dare i say i learned how to beet them?  Wah wah….

Beets are an excellent brain food and one that might help you out of a pain cycle.

# 2 – exercise endurance – we RSDers need help there often because of fatigue

#3 – anti- inflammatory  – we need this BIG TIME

#4 – anti-cancer effects – because we are so inflamed, we need to be extra careful about cancer

#5 – immune booster – because of the autoimmune implications of RSD, we can certainly use this.

#7 – essential minerals – many of these play an integral role in neuro function. Very important.

I love getting the marinated beets at Whole Foods’ olive bar and then sprinkling them with some goat cheese. YUM.  Remember, i am not a doctor so do not mistake any of this for medical advice. I am passing on some good info and you should talk to your doctor about what is right for you.

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