Week 2 Report – IV C

Oh boy. So i thought maybe my first week of high dose c was thrown because i had the flu and that’s why i felt terrible during. Not so much. If last week is any indication, in a few hours i will start to feel great. But the during is terrible and the after is ugh, but i will explain in a second.

I started with the glutathione. 15 mins. Easy peasy.  Then came the big bag of C and Myers Cocktail.  Again, there i was like a panting dog waiting for the plastic container of water from the waiter at your local sidewalk cafe. I mean THIRSTY. This time i was at least better prepared. You can feel how strong the vitamins are and it’s overwhelming for the last hour of the drip. I was ready to be done. Very ready. Then i had my shot of B 12 and if you have RSD you know that getting shots (or ivs for that matter) can be a bit painful. I must have looked like a fucking crazy person grabbing my upper right ass cheek the entire mile walk home with intermittent groans of pain. It shouldn’t hurt but damn it does and it’s that searing pain. Ugh. I know it will go away soon but i stopped off at joan’s on third for a little treat to make me feel better. 🙂  And for any Entourage fans, you might appreciate that i was looking at the ice cream (only looking…) and there was Ari Gold lurking behind me. He’s always at Joan’s. Or maybe i am.

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