For the regular (non RSD) people out there

If you hurt yourself, take at least 500 mgs of Vitamin C a day for a few months. There are many studies that show if you have a sprain, broken bone, torn ligaments or are having surgery that taking that amount of C daily will greatly reduce your chances of developing RSD.

I developed mine when bone was growing on my nerves following a spinal fusion. I had SEVERE pain and my toes felt frostbitten while at the same time i felt a warmth in my legs as if i was peeing my pants. I was not.  Pain killers ceased to work.  The bone was removed from my nerves but many of the sensations remained.  Freaky.

Be on the look out for (but don’t stress about) severe burning pain, temperature changes, skin color changes and swelling. Go NUTS with Vitamin C and consult with a pain specialist, rheumotologist or neurologist. Or, if you are like me, all three. 🙂

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