I had a feeling today was somehow important in my story

And so I just looked at a timeline i have of how my symptoms came on in early 2009.  On 1/26/2009 I think i showed my first RSD symptoms. I was put on Neurontin 5 days before.

The bone from the graft just overgrew a little around the one year post-fusion mark (we have a CT scan showing that) and then i grew a ton of bone in a short amount of time. Inflammation is what grows the bone graft in a spinal fusion. RSD brings on crazy inflammation levels which would explain how i baked myself so much bone and completely baffled my surgeon.

Here are my notes from 1/26/09:

Morning: Numbness in my legs
Night: Tonight legs went from prickly to full on pain in both legs. At one point there is shooting pain to the pinky toe on my left foot. Pain level at 9-10. Cried. The sheets hurt me when I lay in bed.

Note: i would learn later that agony from the touch of bedsheets is a common complaint with RSD patients.  Mom, before you start crying, i rarely get like that now so calm down. I am stunned that it’s been 4 years.  Not stunned in a bad way. Just stunned because it feels like it was a year ago but also a lifetime ago.

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