Time to get my mojo back

My body has not had the best time recently due to the flu,  missing two acupuncture appointments because of it and then having some motor issues again at my ankles. Being off my feet with the flu just did a number on my ankle function. I can walk but it’s not feeling so great because my talor tilt is off again – meaning my feet want to flop inward.  You can imagine how that could cause pain.  As my podiatrist once put it when my talor tilt was out: “you walk like an animal.” 

I am hopeful for the nutrient cumulative effect but I think the domino effect from the flu really threw this a bit. I am hopeful that i will get back to my norm soon and then build on that. I also am excited that i have bloodtests from just before the IV therapy started and have an appointment with the rheumotologist just after we are done for more bloodwork. I look forward to the comparison.

I recently posted a blog of a woman who did 12 weeks IV C. Prior to starting, she had blood work done showing some gnarly antibodies to 12 different things – including Hepatitis B, chlamydia, Epstein Bar and some things i’ve never heard of.  After the 12 week period, HALF of the antibodies were gone from her blood. That’s awesome.

Now i just need to start drinking massive amounts of water this morning to attempt to be ready for the C this afternoon. I am also going to bring a snack to attempt to keep my blood sugar level during.

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