No, not me.  Not yet.  Soon enough. 😉

This woman’s story brought tears to my eyes. I especially could relate to the feeling of coming out of a remission. I had a few months of remission in late 2010 and when i hurt myself in physical therapy i knew what was happening and it was horrible.   You beat it !  And then you haven’t.  It was hard to explain to others and I didn’t even want to talk about it. 

It’s interesting that people often go into remission for just a few months which is how long the effects of ketamine infusions usually last. Is it a cellular turnover issue? Maybe we need to live in bubbles like John Travolta until enough time passes before we put ourselves into a situation where we can get hurt.  Not enough people get that reference. More people get Bubble Boy. But the John Travolta/Mr. Brady movie was so horrifically bad that it begs to be mocked (not mocking the poor fictional kid with a compromised immune system – I’m not a total animal).

GMI – winning with CRPS

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