IV Vitamin C – Week 5 Report

I wanted to give a little report now that i am more than half way through my IV C vitamin therapy. It’s hard to measure pain because it is so affected by just about everything you do. But here’s what I’ve noticed:

— I work from home as a result of my RSD.  Normally if I put too many hours in or things are too stressful, I end up exhausted  and in a ton of pain. I often then end my work day.  The last few weeks have been crazy at work. I worked all last weekend. It’s been hectic and stressful. But, I haven’t had any days where my pain has been out of control and I have put more hours in than i otherwise normally can.  I have had far more energy.  This, to me, is amazing since one of my biggest gripes about RSD is the fatigue from pain.

— I have a small patch of eczema on one of my fingers. If you’re not looking for it, you’d probably not notice it. It has been much smoother since I started the IV C. On the days i have IV C, it looks like normal skin.  Considering eczema is an inflammatory symptom, I’m excited to actually SEE a difference.

— There is one thing that’s bizarre but also makes sense. I think the day after the infusion my immune system is stimulated. That feeling goes away. I have no idea if other people even perceive that feeling at all or i’ve become way too in touch with my body.

— It’s funny that what i call stress is different than what other people do. I now see the slightest pull on my reserve as stress. I try my hardest not to let things hit me or to run around like i need to be somewhere as if my life depended on it. It doesn’t. I know that any stress is triggering an inflammatory response. I felt my inflammation go bananas last Friday night (from work) and i made an immediate appointment for swedish massage. It was amazing and turned it right off.  AND she restored my neuro signal for a little bit and i even jogged (ok “jogged”) home in the rain for a block after.

I think the biggest test will be to see how my bloodtests come back next month. Hopefully there will be changes to my previously abnormal test results (but in the right direction). 

5 thoughts on “IV Vitamin C – Week 5 Report

  1. Thanks for sharing your observations. I am unable to “like” your posts, so I reported it to WordPress staff. They advised that it is a known glitch on some sites and they are working on it. Best wishes.

  2. After I entered the above comment, the black ribbon appeared at the top and I could use “like” after all. Makes me wonder if the problem might really be with my provider. Feel free to delete these comments, since they may not apply to other readers.

  3. I love reading your insights. So excited that you are feeling positive about the V-C IV procedure. Great observations about the relationship between stress and pain. Thanks…

  4. People often do not want to admit that stress plays a role in pain. For me, it’s empowering to know that i have a lot of control over my pain based on how i decide to respond to things around me. One of the great things about RSD: it forced me to become more chill and i appreciate that gift. xo

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