As bad as we think we have it…

Even if it seems impossible, there probably is someone out there experiencing something worse.  Yesterday a friend of mine from high school signed a DNR for his 19 month old son who has a form of brain cancer. 

I’ve been crying every few hours for two days for this family going through the unthinkable, holding the hand of their infant son, praying that he passes away soon in peace. It’s a damn good reminder that if you or your family members are not actively fighting for life, shit ain’t that bad.

Please say a prayer for Eric James, that he soon find peace and that his family have the strength to cope in his absence. I just can’t imagine.

2 thoughts on “As bad as we think we have it…

  1. Oh, dear Lizzie, This is unthinkable. I’m so very sorry. Heartache,great sorrow. Sending this baby light to make his passage. And to his grieving parents. I can hardly bear thinking what they are going through.


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