IV Vitamin C Is A Mixed Bag (literally)

Here’s my report on my high dose c experiment (and other iv vitamins):

Weight gain:  I am fairly certain high dose c has upped my blood sugar and caused me to put on a bunch of weight.  I don’t consume enough calories to pack on weight like this so I am taking a break for now of all IV vitamins until i get my blood test results.

My Report Back to My Dr. This Week: When my rheumotologist examined me this week (other than the obvious weight gain), he was really pleased. He commented on how my joints felt and skin looked. And when i reported to him that my brain fog and fatigue were essentially non-existent, he wanted to hear more. He didn’t know a lot about iv vitamins but he does not want me to stop doing it because it is helping so much. He just has me on pause to figure out the weight gain

Overall benies: I have a clearer head which allows me to focus better and i’ve been able to work more. I’ve had more energy.  My pain has been less. I already had the pain aspect fairly under control but, of course, when you’re fatigued you can experience that pain more. And so i think it has helped in that way. It did even turn my pain off a few times right after.

If i could give myself advice two months ago: I would tell myself to only do high dose C and B12 every now and then because the pull on my body might be too much and potentially caused my blood sugar to go batty.

I would tell myself to maintain a healthy amount of fluids – it really affects how your veins operate. No joke. If i have been a bit dehydrated, i have been there for hours longer than i should have been because my veins are too slow. Makes me think about how important it is to drink adequate amounts of water at all times. I would tell myself to eat right beforehand, preferably a bit of sugar so i don’t feel funky during.

Future: I will likely keep going there even if it’s once every few weeks. It is expensive but if it can help me earn more money and help me to enjoy life a little bit more, it will be well worth it. I have a feeling i will integrate Meyer’s Cocktail and Glutathione into a regular routine and dump the high dose c. 

All in all, this has been a positive experience for Chubbs McGee here.  Pre-RSD me would have freaked the hell out about gaining weight like this. While we are addressing it, I am not worried. I’m super excited to have found a therapy that helps me. We just need to tweak it a bit.


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