Stress-Related Weight Gain

As I reported a few weeks back, I started to gain unexplained weight (there were no other lifestyle changes) when i was undergoing the two months of intravenous vitamins. My gut (pun intended) tells me it was the high dose C. I felt an extra pull on my system the days i had high dose C.

I have tried the normal tricks to lose weight – more exercise, fewer calories, more green tea. Those didn’t work and I actually think it made things worse!

Then something clicked for me last Friday. If it is an increase in cortisol and other stress hormones from the extra pull on my immune system, working out and adding more caffeine might make things worse. So, I started doing several epsom salt baths a day to get that magnesium in. I also did a few baths where I included raw apple cider vinegar with the salts to pull out excess toxins that have been building up. I have a fat belly. But it’s now deflating.

So i just looked online for other ways to lower cortisol levels.

Omega 3 fatty acids, maybe ironically vitamin c (i assume they mean orally), tea leaves, magnesium, and herbal supplements like ashwagandha, chammomile and even turmeric to help your body fend off cell damage from this chronic stress.  I love taking turmeric supplements for pain.

I may also book an infrared sauna again (i did one of those on Saturday along with a very light Swedish massage and it felt like it calmed things quite a bit).  I also had moxibustion yesterday at acupuncture to get that fat heated and moving on out. And yes, I also have those acu beads taped to my ears. Every few hours i touch my ear and go “what the sh*t is that?! Oh, oh yeah.”  I may need to work on my memory next. 😉

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