My annual post!

I like to keep expectation low. The good news: I’m alive. The bad news: I’m a crappy blogger.  That might be veiled good news for you and the world wide web as a whole.

So my symptoms have been almost nonexistent. Almost. Now.

For a few months, things were not awesome.  I do think iv vitamins should be done in small doses. That’s an oxymoron. What I mean is, for me, it was just too much.  But I almost think I had to go through that to get some answers that have helped me. For  a while my body became even more sensitive to stimuli. And I think that response helped me and my acupuncturist figure out what I need. It’s been huge. I don’t have brain fog anymore.  My pain is almost nonexistent.  My energy is better.  Well, don’t ask my upstairs neighbor about my energy.  She had a party two nights in a row and i created new swear words for her. She might have heard them.  She definitely heard them.

If you are in So Cal, I recommend seeing Dr. Sang Lee. I am med free because of this man and I feel like we are  making even more progress now.






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