Mind Over Matter

I am a firm believer that we have the power to heal ourselves.  I have developed a system for myself when my pain gets too high and I am able to help my brain shift into a place to release “happy hormones.”  That system often includes classical music, funny movies or eating alone in a restaurant.  I am not a scientist and i cannot really explain why these things help in different ways but they absolutely do (for me).  I used to see a pain psychologist who suggested eating a meal alone out when my pain was too high because it stimulates the parasympathetic system (which, in turn, calms the sympathetic).  I have used that many times, especially for RSD headache, and it helps me.  Here’s an interesting article about self healing.


4 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter

  1. Hello,

    I just came across your blog during one of my sporadic RSD-knowledge-hunts lol. Sometimes I have to just stop digging for more and more info to let my brain and body rest! I was diagnosed almost 3 years ago after a pretty nasty ankle sprain. I am not sure if leaving a comment is the right way to reach you, but after years of Neurontin and nerve blocks and several tweaks to my meds, I recently was switched to Lyrica with high hopes and have found the side effects to be unbearable. My neurologist lowered the dose to next to nothing to see if she started me too high, but now I am seeing this as the perfect opportunity to FINALLY get off the meds altogether to see where I am at without them (I have no idea what my “normal” is anymore!). Love all of your posts on acupuncture and an alkaline diet. I live in LA and might check our your Dr. Lee. I would love to know more about what you experienced when you first weaned off your meds.
    Thank you so much.

    • Melissa, I hear you! Sometimes i have to stay off my own blog! 🙂 Too much digging for info can drive us nuts. So cool you were able to lower your dosage! Let’s see, i would say my nervous system was a little nutty when i went off and for a while. But i did a large detox in a short time so i might have had it coming…i felt awful. Other people don’t feel so badly, i don’t think. There’s a chance you won’t feel as badly as i did. Definitely get recommendation from your dr about best approach to go off of it. Things that helped me were fish oil, epsom salt baths, acupuncture, meditation. Things to calm my system down. In fact, Dr Lee strictly soothed my nervous system. I did not enjoy when he worked on my organs specifically. Just to relax my nervous system. He’s awesome. If i had to do it over again, i would read the The Divided Mind by Dr. JOhn Sarno. I am reading my second Sarno book in a few weeks and it’s changing a lot for me. Drs will tell us it’s a mind body disorder but then don’t get to it. This book might just be what gets to it. Good luck and keep me posted!

      • I can’t believe you mentioned Dr. sarno. My grandpa was a huge Howard stern fan back in the day (lol) and could not understand how I, at twelve years old, had such terrible migraines. (Hmm predisposition to future neuro issues??interstingly, my grandpa has had Parkinson’s for over 40 years and some of my rsd meds were extremely similar to his) anyway he bought me mind over back pain and mindbody prescription and I’ve had them on my bookshelf for 18 years now! All thanks to Howard lol. I was shocked when I read your reply and had to go dust off my copies and reread. Just wanted to thank youfor the reply in general and tell you how crazy that was! I’m off lyrica and neurontin completely now for about 10 days. My neurologist still wants me on my low dose of elavil at night until I adjust from the extremely short “weaning” period for the other two drugs. Feeling pretty good but ancy and some sleep issues but pain is pretty low, just stiff. My dr keeps warning me it’ll be a few weeks before my body notices the neurontin is gone so to not get my hopes up. I appreciate keepin it real but can’t help but feel her dissatisfaction with my desire to leave the drugs behind! Thanks again, really enjoying your recent posts!

  2. My first response is, what a cool grandpa!! Seriously! That’s so awesome you had some of his books already!! That’s so crazy! I am definitely noticing a difference in myself.
    Congratulations on the 10 days!! That’s huge and i remember that being the worst of it. That’s so great!! You most certainly have an amazing shot at being just fine. Believe it! SO STOKED FOR YOU!!! I am completely obsessed with Dr. Sarno. I read his first book super fast but with The Divided Mind, there’s something that makes me take in pieces at a time and i wonder if that’s how it’s supposed to be. I can’t just run through it.
    I definitely understand feeling jumpy after going off of that. I relied also on chammomile tea and Rescue Remedy from Whole Foods. Keep me posted! Liz

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