Chinese Herbs at the Cleveland Clinic

I am so happy to read this. My acupuncturist is also an herbalist and the times he has mixed me herbs himself, i have had major changes for the better. Most recently he made me herbs (they taste like what i imagine sh*t tastes like) that i took for about 3 weeks.  Since that time, my energy has been amazing.  I am getting more work done and have the energy to do a lot more in the day.  Doctors have always been pretty dismissive but I have had great response to many herbs. They are powerful, of course, so I only use them under the instruction of my acu.  I do not go out and just buy herbs and take them. I think that’s sketch.  Here’s hoping they keep inching their way into the mainstream.

“The Cleveland Clinic, one of the country’s top hospitals, is a surprising venue for the dispensing of herbs, a practice that is well established in China and other Eastern countries but has yet to make inroads in the U.S. because of a lack of evidence proving their effectiveness. The herbal clinic, which opened in January, has one herbalist who sees patients on Thursdays. Patients must be referred by a doctor and will be monitored to ensure that there are no drug-herbal interactions or other complications. The herbal clinic is part of the hospital’s Center for Integrative Medicine, whose offerings also include acupunture, holistic psychotherapy and massage therapy.

“Western medicine does acute care phenomenally.… But we’re still struggling a bit with our chronic-care patients and this fills in that gap and can be used concurrently,” says Melissa Young, an integrative medicine physician at Cleveland Clinic.”

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