My new obsession.  I wondered if something that builds red blood cells and cleansed blood would help a condition in which blood flow is such an issue. I have had blood letting done and i have seen what some of the funky blood looks like and it’s clear why it wasn’t flowing so well.  I’ve been drinking shots of fresh wheatgrass juice every other day or sometimes a few days in a row for about a month or so now. I feel so much better on days i have it and the day after. If i go a few days without, I certainly feel it.

Read the link about potential benefits. Supposedly some people can be highly allergic but not necessarily those with gluten issues because of when the grass is juiced. I have some gluten sensitivity and the wheatgrass does not elicit a funky gluten response in me at all.  In fact, I think it’s made that better for me.



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