Delfin Spa products

Let me start by saying that much like everything else on this blog, I have no idea what is correct (ok not just on this blog but life in general…) or medically proper. I just try things to see if they help me. I am not a doctor. But these products seem to help me.

I recently have dealt with edema that I could not get rid of no matter what.  I do believe the IV vitamin C was the culprit. The other IV vitamins seemed to help. C was too hectic.  I was checked out by an MD about the edema and it was chalked up to RSD.

I stumbled upon these products and, in many ways, things got better. It pulled excess water out of the tissue and I was able to sweat in places I had stopped sweating. I feel RSD just does weird things to your sweating. These products made blood flow return and warm me up. I don’t know if these products would help anyone in a more acute stage where blood flow wasn’t happening and things were cold. I really have no clue except that I do like to share information since i am almost always trying something new. I think these products so far are pretty great. I am just cautious about not over-using them because they can be a bit overwhelming in how warm they get.

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