Acupuncture for just about everything

Someone recently told me a story about a woman who had been trying to get pregnant for years and weeks after trying acupuncture she got pregnant. I love acupuncture and I credit my Dr Lee with helping me through the hardest times of my life from not recovering from surgery all that quickly, to dealing with horrible pain, detoxing from medications and he even held my hand as I cried when my Grandmother was dying. I think a relationship with an acupuncturist can be healing on many levels.

Here’s a good article about acupuncture and certainly many of its benefits get to the root of RSD. After five years of weekly (or twice a week) acupuncture, I am trying to cut back to be sure I am not overly dependent on it. The Dr. Sarno books are definitely helping me to identify things I depend on maybe too much. My goal is to be well enough without Dr. Lee so i can just go there because it makes me happy to be there and also to treat my wrinkles. 🙂

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