Hydrocodone Rescheduling

I read this and all i could think is ugh.
Each time I hear about proposed changes (and then of course the actual changes) to pain medicine qualifications, I have to say, i get upset. While I no longer require them, I certainly believe there is a need for them. If the rules aimed at getting to abusers affect even one legitimate patient and make it harder for their doctor to prescribe to them adequate pain medication, it’s just not right. It seems to me that if you make it harder for everyone, you certainly make it harder for the legit RSD patient who maybe is in a place where they do not have the pain under control. I guess this is another good reason to try alternate therapies so we are not reliant on the decisions of others. Still ugh. I hope I am wrong and that they are able to help more people who are abusing vicodin. As an RSD person, I am very sensitive to the idea that there is an effort to make things harder for someone in a lot of pain.


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