“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”

Well, it may depend on the song.

It became apparent to me as i was getting off all medications that music was affecting my nervous system in a bigger way than I ever imagined. I was already aware that music affected my mood or helped me get more work done, depending on the type of music I played. But I never realized that even the slightest stressful song was pulling on my system and creating a negative effect in my body. I don’t shy away from that now because I know I should not shield myself but it was just good information for me to learn. It may be that we all have music that “sings to us” on a deeper level. There is a soothing joy that I get from Bob Marley. He is the soundtrack to my life (and why i walk around with a goofy smile on my face most of the time). Someone is singing to me in a way that is completely nourishing and apparently setting off a bunch of different things in my brain to create joy and pain relief.

“In particular, music expressing contentment, no matter what its genre, was found to be most effective in reducing the experience of pain…Because the experience of pain is partially subjective, altering a person’s perception of their pain can change their experience of that pain. Music may disrupt the brain’s “pain – stress – pain” feedback loop and in doing so alter an individual’s sensitivity to pain. How might this work? We know that music effects evolutionarily old subcortical areas of the brain, thereby influencing many different psychological and physiological states. Music modulates the brain’s limbic system, triggering numerous accompanying neurochemical effects. The result of these changes in the brain may be to help distract listeners from negative feelings and modify the influence of past memories associated with pain. As a further result, music may promote relaxation by inhibiting the release of stress hormones and weakening arousal of the pituitary-adrenal stress axis. The brain’s opioid system may also play a role. Music that listeners find emotionally engaging seems to affect the brain’s opioid system, and opioids control both physical pain and the pain of social loss.”


6 thoughts on ““One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”

  1. You struck a nerve with me and this pot (ha! get it? a nerve?)
    I’m so with you. Chronic pain, RSD didn’t make listening, singing, writing, or playing music less enjoyable to my soul, but it became less and less bearable for my body bc of pain and vibrations.
    Now that my brain, ears, eyes, and speech are also effected by chronic neurological pain, Listening to/playing music has been out of the question for years. It was such a part of my life. But music is never gone. Even on my darkest most painful, scariest days, there is still music inside of me.
    This monster will never take the things we love from us- not truly- as long as we keep loving them- it cannot take them away. ❤

    • You are one strong person. And that is a wonderful thing about music. It’s in there whether we are actively hearing a song being played or not. I don’t know how possible this is. But have you watched Terry Wahls’ Ted Talk? She overcame so much neurologically that seems ( in western medicine anyway) irreversible. She was wheelchair bound from MS and studied what her brain needed in order to regain function. She also has a book out. She now bikes long distances.
      Sending you healing thoughts. Your attitude is amazing. As long as we keep loving them…very well put..

  2. No I’ve not seen that Ted Talk. When I’m up for a video, I’m going to watch that one. She sounds like my kind of warrior! Neuroplasticity is amazing to me. If someone can recover from a brain injury where part of their brain was removed and they had to start over like they were a baby, then we can get much further along then we even know!
    Thank you for that great tip 🙂
    Have a blessed day.

  3. Nice! Keep me posted! I definitely changed some things after watching that video and, i think, it’s been huge for me. I tried to go full on pure eating like that and i totally failed but i learned a lot.

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