An open letter to my village

Friends, Romans, google clickers:

Thank you.

My hope when starting a blog was that I could give to someone else what i craved for a long time but could not find. My goal was to help one person if they also rejected certain notions about RSD. I remember needing positive and never finding it. I wanted natural treatments and found meds and procedures. I just wanted to make a space that felt hopeful so it could help somebody. I think it turned out that the person it’s helping is actually me.

Unwittingly, you (if you are reading this) have stumbled upon my village. I am going to admit that it might just take one. I don’t mean raising a child. And this town is not dry. I just mean getting through life for anyone and I don’t just mean a person with RSD. It takes so much love and caring to make people feel good and strong. You do that for me. I’ve had several family members say to me that writing helps everything. It really does.

I am so thankful for my people. I went back to acupuncture today. I just really needed the support emotionally and it was amazing. I almost cried seeing Dr Lee and, quite honestly, he seemed legitimately happy to see me, in part, because I am doing ok without him. He seemed proud. Also he told me I look slimmer. So maybe the songs that sing to me start with a little roots, rock, reggae and end with “did you lose weight?” 🙂

I have wonderful friends, family, anonymous clickers who continue to light my life and then this wonderful man who has without a doubt changed the course of my health. I feel very blessed. Thank you for reading because a) I know it’s not that good and b) life is hectic to stop and read things that aren’t today’s news or some kind of “top five things you never say..” (seriously, those really bum me out..whatever happened to “it’s the thought that counts?”). Every blog entry is helping me to heal on a deeper level from everything I have been through. Thank you.

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