A great blog about the benefits of biofeedback. I, myself, have never done formal biofeedback. Once my rheumotologist told me that qi gong was effectively biofeedback, I never pursued the formal type. That’s not to say I am not open to it. Learning to control certain functions that I previously believed were out of my control was very freeing. It’s the ultimate Jedi Mind Trick to get yourself out of pain or warm your body using your own mind.

“Biofeedback is a medical training method used to help people learn to gain better control over their Autonomic functions. Heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, sweating, body/skin temperature, circulation, stress, and muscle tension are some of the ways we can learn to have some control over our bodies. For those who suffer from chronic pain disorders, diabetes or arthritis, learning how to increase the bloodflow to the legs, feet, and hands not only decreases pain like cold or burning sensations, it can stimulate healing in the bones, muscles and nerves where there is atrophy, further reducing deep bone pain sensations. People who suffer with Anxiety and Depressive Disorders can benefit by tracking progress through relaxation, muscle release exercises, sleep training, etc. Some of the tools used along with the EMG Biofeedback device are counseling, meditation, guided imagery, visualization techniques, music therapy, self hypnotism training, muscle relaxation techniques, focus exercises, etc. Some people describe Biofeedback like playing a video game on the screen, but the remotes are your mind and body. Each program would be different based on the patient, their specialized needs, and the Biofeedback trainer.”

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