gut health and multiple sclerosis

A new study…

“The gastrointestinal tract may seem like an odd place to look for insight into a neurologic disease, but a small study has identified an association between two types of bacteria found in the gut and the development of multiple sclerosis…MS has more in common with inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and some of the other immune diseases than neurodegenerative diseases,” Dr. Jangi said. “In all of those autoimmune diseases, the immune system is attacking its own tissues because it has been activated by some bacteria, virus or environmental trigger. We don’t know what causes MS, and one thought is that there is a bacteria in your body that may predispose you or contribute to you getting MS. The gut has more bacteria than any other part of the body, so it makes sense to look there…The investigators found that the average abundance of Methanobrevibacter was seven times greater in patients with MS than in the control group, but not every MS patient had the bacteria. Methanobrevibacter has been increasingly linked to multiple inflammatory states, but its ability to drive immune responses is not well understood, according to Dr. Jangi. “Methanobrevibacter also live in the healthy gut, but they seem to be increased in MS patients,” he said. “Is that because in MS, the gut is not working that well that it lets the Methanobrevibacter grow more readily or is the bug somehow associated with causing the disease? It is a chicken-and-egg problem…“

2 thoughts on “gut health and multiple sclerosis

  1. They are not right. Close but no cigar. It’s not a bacteria. They are correct that is in the gut. The cause is a metabolite found in the gut – lysolecithin or lysophosphatidylcholine. Hopefully, they’ll look a little further. See, a bacteria is not created by a manufacturer and sold whereas this little metabolite is created by enzymatic modification of lecithin in our processed foods and products. If someone has a business to run, they blame a bacteria. Old story. You should look into bacteria being blamed for dangerous contact solutions. Thanks for sharing, and I hope I persuaded you and others reading. Read more here

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