having hope in the new year

The best part of a new year: it’s the best time to consider the possibilities. And I hope that anyone reading this is blessed with all good things in 2015 and especially those of us who have daily pain or struggle with our health. The possibility that this is the year you overcome is strong. And why not? Hope is a pretty amazing and magical thing. Read this blog entry below about how hope HAS healed. I have posted this before and it never gets old (for me).

This is my favorite from this blog post:

“As described by Dr. Bernie Siegel in Love, Medicine & Miracles, a chemotherapy regimen called “EPOH” was being studied in a research protocol for efficacy. Most of the study centers were reporting consistent results—some benefit from the chemotherapy, but nothing earth-shattering. But one study center was getting dramatically better results, so the research team investigated. What were they doing differently?

Turns out the doctor in the center with better results had renamed the chemotherapy regimen. Instead of telling his patients they were getting EPOH, he rearranged the letters and dosed them with HOPE.”


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