acupressure mat for pain relief

At some point earlier this year I decided I needed a way to help my back through the times when I had a lot of spasm and tightness.  I felt like I needed a way to be in more control of that symptom.  It hit me that instead of trying to locate all these acupressure points on myself that perhaps there was something to do that for me.

I did a little research and found the Nayoya Mat.  I used to pay $85 for one cupping session to feel as good as I feel from this mat. I paid $50 something dollars and have gotten hundreds of uses out of this.  There is also the option of buying without the pillow which makes it considerably cheaper.  It seems to work wonders on pain and anxiety.  No, I am not on the Nayoya payroll.  It just has helped immensely.

Pain relief game changer.  Here is a link to Amazon. The reviews are pretty amazing and I feel many of the good ones are spot on:

Here’s a great blog about the benefits of using acu mats:

“You need to just lay down on your acupressure mat for more than 20 minutes a day. Using an acupressure mat for more than 20 minutes a day will help your body to recover from muscle pains and back pains.”

6 thoughts on “acupressure mat for pain relief

  1. Hey! xo
    You know, I haven’t tried other kinds but I have read a lot about them recently and there doesn’t seem to be a ton of difference based on what I have read. But here’s the mat I have without the pillow which is only $24.87 on Amazon. People seem to make their own pillow using a towel underneath it if they want one. I feel the mat is the best part of my set. I could definitely go without the pillow.

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