A thin line between chore and Zen

Uh…not sure I’m into this but makes sense.  I am always looking for new ways to cope with stress to keep my pain levels down.  I’m also into soaking pots for days out of sheer procrastination.   And then running the dishwasher.

But I suppose bringing a state of mindfulness to any household chore will bring a level of calm.  According to this study, you need to really be in the moment to get those benefits.

“Florida State University researchers found that individuals who wash the dishes mindfully by taking in the soap’s scent and sensing the water temperatures experienced increased feelings of inspiration and decreased nervousness, as reported by Newser.  But researchers say it’s all about the way you approach the process of cleaning your dishes. If you aren’t mindful enough, it’s possible you won’t experience any added benefits.”


*I will report back if I am overwhelmed by feelings of inspiration when I clean that crusted egg pan from breakfast that still sits on the stove. 

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