qi gong for late-stage rsd: a small study

The blog I am linking to below is well worth the read for anyone with RSD/CRPS or chronic pain of any kind. This study is what caught my eye:

“In a block-random placebo-controlled clinical trial, researchers studied the effect of qigong on treatment resistant patients with late-stage complex regional pain syndrome type 1.  It consisted of 26 adult patients between the ages of 18-65.  The experimental group received qi emission and qigong instruction (including home exercise) by a qigong master.

The control group received a similar set of instructions from a sham master.  22 completed the protocol.  Among the genuine qigong group, 82% reported less pain by the end of the first training session compared to 45% of control patients.  By the last training session, 91% of the qigong patients reported analgesia compared to 36% of control patients. The study concluded that qigong training was found to result in transient pain reduction and long-term anxiety reduction.


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