it’s expired. do i still take it?

I think whether you’re staring at (and let’s admit it, sniffing) a condiment that’s been in your fridge for eons or holding a bottle of prescription meds that’s just out of date, it seems like a fairly universal quandary:  is it safe to consume a product after the date stamp of expiration?  At least my morning half & half that’s straddling the line has a questionable smell to tip me off.   With medication, how can we be sure?

Here’s an article about this topic (link below).  The title of the story seems a tad misleading given that they say the chances of poisoning oneself are slim.  It appears that, more often than not, the drugs lose potency.  It certainly seems that one could assume a drug is not working, take more and then be faced with too much in the system kicking in simultaneously. Obviously that could get sketchy real fast.

“When in doubt, throw it out” still seems like the way to go. Or, better yet, perhaps your local police or fire station has a lock box drop off to prevent pills from getting into the wrong hands.

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