green onion for RSD?

OK who knows.  But recently I’ve noticed circulation changes in my legs and feet as well as a change in how I sweat.   The only thing I’ve been doing differently is eating green onions nearly every day for a month or so in fairly large amounts. I’ve been eating at least one green onion but sometimes two a day.

Granted, it’s been extra warm here so I imagine perhaps some perspiration and circulation credit might belong to the sun.  But it’s been warm here all summer and for other years that RSD has been with me.  I still couldn’t sweat properly and my circulation has never been what it once was.  So, being the obsessive googler that I am, I looked up the health benefits of green onions.  Initially I was eating them for anti-fungal/anti-viral benefits to build my immunity and clear my digestive tract.  That was the extent of my motivation and knowledge of the potentials of what i now feel may be the most underrated onion out there.

I found this:

“Many other advantages of the green onions in medicine include that it clears out the respiratory tract and expels sputum or phlegm. It also stimulates our sweat glands and promotes sweating which is important for our existence. Many people suffering from perspiring disorders may use it for their betterment…It has vitamins like A and C in the stem and calcium in the white part. Lastly it speeds up blood circulation and helps in the absorption of vitamin B1.”   See link below to article.

Again, I am not a doctor. I don’t know if too much green onion would have a negative reaction for anyone on certain meds or blood thinners.  People do not always appreciate that foods can alter the effect of medication so always check with your doctor to be sure there’s no conflict.

2 thoughts on “green onion for RSD?

  1. Fascinating! You are your own laboratory! Shoulda been a scientist. This is very cool- or should I say hot? xo

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