Fresh ginger tea for pain

Lately I have been drinking a lot of fresh ginger tea mainly to help build my immunity. One thing happened when I got into eating to help fight pain and that is that I feel the need to constantly build my gut health and my immunity. I grew up with the mindset that you deal with things after you get sick. Now I try to build myself up so i don’t get sick but if i do, thankfully, it’s usually much shorter and less hectic. I always proudly tell the story of the stomach flu that took down the entire office except the girl with the apple cider vinegar. It’s not really a good story. I think I just gave away the ending.

At the link below there is a list of 22 benefits of ginger tea. Here are a few from that list that I think RSD peeps might appreciate:

“Provides Pain Relief – No matter what type of pain you’re suffering from, ginger can act as a natural pain reliever. It’s interesting to think that a root that grows in nature can actually affect how much pain you’re experiencing. It works on a hormonal level, and the anti-inflammatory nature means that overall you should have fewer aches and pains. Consider starting your morning with a cup of ginger tea and see if you notice improvements throughout the day.

Relieves Tired Muscles – The sort of muscle tiredness you get after strength training is the type that ginger works best on. This means that your muscles will recover better and allow you to take part in cardio workouts on your off days. It means you’ll be more likely to be more active instead of being out of commission on the days following your weight lifting workouts. Increased lean muscle mass generally equates to natural weight loss as you burn calories around the clock.

Helps the Body Absorb Nutrients – When you’re trying to lose weight getting the right nutrients is essential. But if your body is overweight and not used to getting the nutrients it needs, it may have become used to not getting the required vitamins and now it doesn’t properly absorb them. More ginger means that you’ll be better absorbing the sort of nutrients that will help you in your pursuit and get you better results more quickly with the same amount of effort.

Reduces Arthritic Inflammation – The anti-inflammatory nature of ginger means that it can help with a host of inflammation-based conditions and diseases. Not least of which is arthritis, which millions of American suffer from, with millions more diagnosed each years as the baby boomer population grow older. There is even a bit of a pain relief characteristic to ginger, which is welcome news to those that don’t want to take a pill every day to relieve pain.

Improves Circulation – Ginger gets the blood in your body flowing, which will give you a feeling of having more energy, and can help you with any feelings of sluggishness or fatigue. It’s a great thing to drink if you live in a cold climate, because it will provide the sort of warmth you’re really after, the kind that comes from the inside and radiates out. This is because it is opening your pores and getting your overall circulation functioning better.

Strengthens Immunity – This is a fantastic feature to ginger that should pique the curiosity of anyone that was contemplating taking it or not. An improved immune system can mean that you get sick less often, that you recover more quickly when you do get sick, and that even if everyone else around you is coming down with an illness you can stay healthy. The research behind this property is solid, this is another instance where science is backing up an all-natural remedy.”

Delfin Spa products

Let me start by saying that much like everything else on this blog, I have no idea what is correct (ok not just on this blog but life in general…) or medically proper. I just try things to see if they help me. I am not a doctor. But these products seem to help me.

I recently have dealt with edema that I could not get rid of no matter what.  I do believe the IV vitamin C was the culprit. The other IV vitamins seemed to help. C was too hectic.  I was checked out by an MD about the edema and it was chalked up to RSD.

I stumbled upon these products and, in many ways, things got better. It pulled excess water out of the tissue and I was able to sweat in places I had stopped sweating. I feel RSD just does weird things to your sweating. These products made blood flow return and warm me up. I don’t know if these products would help anyone in a more acute stage where blood flow wasn’t happening and things were cold. I really have no clue except that I do like to share information since i am almost always trying something new. I think these products so far are pretty great. I am just cautious about not over-using them because they can be a bit overwhelming in how warm they get.


My new obsession.  I wondered if something that builds red blood cells and cleansed blood would help a condition in which blood flow is such an issue. I have had blood letting done and i have seen what some of the funky blood looks like and it’s clear why it wasn’t flowing so well.  I’ve been drinking shots of fresh wheatgrass juice every other day or sometimes a few days in a row for about a month or so now. I feel so much better on days i have it and the day after. If i go a few days without, I certainly feel it.

Read the link about potential benefits. Supposedly some people can be highly allergic but not necessarily those with gluten issues because of when the grass is juiced. I have some gluten sensitivity and the wheatgrass does not elicit a funky gluten response in me at all.  In fact, I think it’s made that better for me.