My favorite delivery just arrived.

10 el beez of epsom salt to calm my muscles, soothe inflammation, provide overall stress relief, detox me and regulate blood sugar levels (for when i have either a cupcake from Magnolia or ice cream sandwich at Joan’s later – something’s happening today).

I order this from Amazon. Sometimes i get free delivery with my Amazon Prime.Image

My Inspiration & Why I will Never Stop Believing We can Cure our RSD WITHOUT meds

I do not follow her diet strictly but i have changed my entire approach to eating because of this woman and, since then, I no longer take massive amounts of prescription ibuprofen.  This is coming from someone whose SED rate has clocked in at 44 (normal is 0-20). Most recently my test was 11. I know my inflammation levels were bonkers for a while but changing my diet so drastically has drastically changed my life and for the better. And i still eat cupcakes every now and then.

She is the reason I looked into IV Vitamin C. She has MS and not the kind that goes into remission. She was in a wheelchair and could do nothing for herself.  She researched what her brain needed to heal itself and she did it. She now bikes and tours the country giving lectures. She is such an inspiration to me and I have felt real results by taking what she did and tailoring it a bit for myself. It’s worth the 20 minutes to watch this. Even if you have no neuro problems, this just might change your life for the better.


The difference a year makes

The difference a year makes

A year ago you couldn’t pay me to eat kale. Keep moving. I don’t want your money. Hell, I’d buy it and just throw it away. For months i did that. True story. If only buying it was enough…so bitter to eat.
But then yesterday i woke up craving kale salad and immediately ran out for one…for breakfast.
The anti-inflammatory benefits alone make this great for anyone but especially an RSDer.
And now my body craves it. It still wants cupcakes though…sigh.