Foot bath for RSD Headache

Lately when my RSD headache kicks in, I grab my footbath (i just have a Dr. Scholls one from Rite Aid), fill it with as warm or hot water as i can handle with about a half a cup of Bragg’s raw apple cider vinegar. I then soak my feet for at least 20 minutes. The water brings the energy and focus away from my head and, for me, I feel the effects last through the day. Supposedly there are also detox benefits with this through the feet. My gut feeling is that is happening because I feel so good after that when I soak them even without RSD headache.

I now associate the smell of vinegar with feet. 🙂 My feet are definitely sensitive from RSD but at times less so and I can handle warmer to hot water. I just feel it out for what’s working for me that day.

Time to get my mojo back

My body has not had the best time recently due to the flu,  missing two acupuncture appointments because of it and then having some motor issues again at my ankles. Being off my feet with the flu just did a number on my ankle function. I can walk but it’s not feeling so great because my talor tilt is off again – meaning my feet want to flop inward.  You can imagine how that could cause pain.  As my podiatrist once put it when my talor tilt was out: “you walk like an animal.” 

I am hopeful for the nutrient cumulative effect but I think the domino effect from the flu really threw this a bit. I am hopeful that i will get back to my norm soon and then build on that. I also am excited that i have bloodtests from just before the IV therapy started and have an appointment with the rheumotologist just after we are done for more bloodwork. I look forward to the comparison.

I recently posted a blog of a woman who did 12 weeks IV C. Prior to starting, she had blood work done showing some gnarly antibodies to 12 different things – including Hepatitis B, chlamydia, Epstein Bar and some things i’ve never heard of.  After the 12 week period, HALF of the antibodies were gone from her blood. That’s awesome.

Now i just need to start drinking massive amounts of water this morning to attempt to be ready for the C this afternoon. I am also going to bring a snack to attempt to keep my blood sugar level during.

Week Two: The Experiment

Well, my head is killing me but (bummer that i can’t really concentrate on TV – see post below. I am nuts) I am hopeful we are onto something. When I told Dr Lee my plan last week he looked at me and said he’d been waiting for me to ask for that, like i was Luke to his Yoda. It was a funny moment. Was asking him the way to know I was ready? And more seriously, does this mean i’m a Jedi?

So on the last two Mondays i have gone for Swedish massage (mainly for the benefit to my lower legs) but very light touch so as to not overstimulate the nerves. The first Monday night things were rough and by Tuesday morning just about every muscle was in spasm. On Tuesday afternoon I went and asked for moving cupping on my lower legs to attempt to desensitize them. I’ve been able to desensitize my feet much better than my lower legs. This just gets very painful.

After some screams that i imagine were akin to those you hear in a  North Korean prison, the electric feelings dissipated a bit and, of course, the muscles stopped their spasm. Yesterday I went for the Swedish massage and last night i was ok. This morning things were a bit off and my headache has been awful today (this was not helped by a run-in with an “eccentric?” neighbor).

I had moving cupping again today and i was even able to withstand some cups sitting there on their own for a bit and not screaming. Hoping next week will be even better.  I have egged on my own headache by exciting my nerves so I only have myself to blame for that one!

It’s the balm!

It’s the balm!

I know. Dumb play on words but i am easily amused.

Wintercrest Balm is AMAZING and anyone who knows me well has witnessed me run for this when anyone has complained of, well, anything. But for my RSD, it’s amazing for joint stiffness when it pops up as well as muscle spasms.

It seems a bit pricey but it actually lasts a while. I use this for congestion, sore throat, headache…really anything. It is cooling so i do not put it on my feet or lower legs generally.