IV Vitamins

People wonder about IV Vitamins…

For me, these were too strong.  The Vitamin C was WAY too hectic for my body and caused me issues.  My doctor said  it helped other RSD patients but it seemed to me that it is entirely too stimulating for RSD.

The glutathione, i think, was great but i just try to eat avocados daily instead.  And the Myers Cocktail I liked but I think i would only use that if i get the flu or something. I am a big believer  now that pushing kale, avocados and high nutrient foods MOST of the time will give me what i need. I just try to not eat things that do not contribute to my healing.  I also find that i do better without gluten.  😦 I am sad about that…



I have not been doing the IV vitamins for many months now.  I think they were more of a learning experience than anything else and I can see now what helps me and hurts me a bit better than I could before.  One major help for me is the avocado.  I try to eat at least a half of a small one every day (but usually it’s a whole one. Please don’t judge me).  🙂

There is vitamin K, glutathione and a bunch of other goodies in there.  I am not a nutritionist or anything but I am glued to this website (see below) whfoods.com.  They have a list of the 100 best foods and i try to mainly eat from this list.


IV Vitamin C Is A Mixed Bag (literally)

Here’s my report on my high dose c experiment (and other iv vitamins):

Weight gain:  I am fairly certain high dose c has upped my blood sugar and caused me to put on a bunch of weight.  I don’t consume enough calories to pack on weight like this so I am taking a break for now of all IV vitamins until i get my blood test results.

My Report Back to My Dr. This Week: When my rheumotologist examined me this week (other than the obvious weight gain), he was really pleased. He commented on how my joints felt and skin looked. And when i reported to him that my brain fog and fatigue were essentially non-existent, he wanted to hear more. He didn’t know a lot about iv vitamins but he does not want me to stop doing it because it is helping so much. He just has me on pause to figure out the weight gain

Overall benies: I have a clearer head which allows me to focus better and i’ve been able to work more. I’ve had more energy.  My pain has been less. I already had the pain aspect fairly under control but, of course, when you’re fatigued you can experience that pain more. And so i think it has helped in that way. It did even turn my pain off a few times right after.

If i could give myself advice two months ago: I would tell myself to only do high dose C and B12 every now and then because the pull on my body might be too much and potentially caused my blood sugar to go batty.

I would tell myself to maintain a healthy amount of fluids – it really affects how your veins operate. No joke. If i have been a bit dehydrated, i have been there for hours longer than i should have been because my veins are too slow. Makes me think about how important it is to drink adequate amounts of water at all times. I would tell myself to eat right beforehand, preferably a bit of sugar so i don’t feel funky during.

Future: I will likely keep going there even if it’s once every few weeks. It is expensive but if it can help me earn more money and help me to enjoy life a little bit more, it will be well worth it. I have a feeling i will integrate Meyer’s Cocktail and Glutathione into a regular routine and dump the high dose c. 

All in all, this has been a positive experience for Chubbs McGee here.  Pre-RSD me would have freaked the hell out about gaining weight like this. While we are addressing it, I am not worried. I’m super excited to have found a therapy that helps me. We just need to tweak it a bit.


Week 2 Report – IV C

Oh boy. So i thought maybe my first week of high dose c was thrown because i had the flu and that’s why i felt terrible during. Not so much. If last week is any indication, in a few hours i will start to feel great. But the during is terrible and the after is ugh, but i will explain in a second.

I started with the glutathione. 15 mins. Easy peasy.  Then came the big bag of C and Myers Cocktail.  Again, there i was like a panting dog waiting for the plastic container of water from the waiter at your local sidewalk cafe. I mean THIRSTY. This time i was at least better prepared. You can feel how strong the vitamins are and it’s overwhelming for the last hour of the drip. I was ready to be done. Very ready. Then i had my shot of B 12 and if you have RSD you know that getting shots (or ivs for that matter) can be a bit painful. I must have looked like a fucking crazy person grabbing my upper right ass cheek the entire mile walk home with intermittent groans of pain. It shouldn’t hurt but damn it does and it’s that searing pain. Ugh. I know it will go away soon but i stopped off at joan’s on third for a little treat to make me feel better. 🙂  And for any Entourage fans, you might appreciate that i was looking at the ice cream (only looking…) and there was Ari Gold lurking behind me. He’s always at Joan’s. Or maybe i am.


I know that if the IV therapy helps me, it probably will not be the high dose c alone that does it. Of course, the dr gives you other vitamins and minerals so that they all work together to do their thing.  I have high hopes for glutathione as one of my helpers.  

Here’s some good info. on glutathione.




Day 1, IV Vitamin C Therapy

I feel like today’s vitamins all went to the funky green monster living in my lungs and throat at the moment but that’s ok. I coughed the entire time and it’s a good thing they keep you sequestered for that. I would have been unhappy to have anyone around me.

I first had a bag of glutathione which is apparently amazing for neuro problems which took about 15 minutes. Then i had a bag of the high dose C + Myers Cocktail which were mixed together. That bag took about 90 minutes to drip.  They had to keep getting me glasses of water which they told me is normal. The high dose C apparently dehydrates you something crazy. And it did. After that, I had a shot of B 12.  I happen to know from prior bloodtests that i am deficient in B 12. B 12 is important for neuro function.

Nothing exciting to report yet but I am excited to potentially avoid using my antibiotics prescription for the funk in my lungs. Dr thinks the vitamins might knock it out first.

I do feel a little more human and hoping that by next week i can focus more on my RSD symptoms after the vitamins so that i can report back any changes.  I imagine changes will be subtle though and  have more of a cumulative effect after several treatments. I will find out!

In 10 days I begin my IV high dose vitamin c

In 10 days I begin my IV high dose vitamin c trial.  I will go once a week and be there for a few hours to get the high dose C, the glutathione, the Myer’s Cocktail and a shot of B 12.  I will do this once a week for 8 weeks and then meet up with the doctor. He thinks I will be substantially better at that time.  I feel the effect that eating for my condition has on me and so to directly get those nutrients to my cells without just hoping I am metabolizing…it’s HUGE. I have this vision that my cells are just thirsty and my condition has made it harder to feed them.  I can’t wait to saturate them with all those vitamins and minerals and to have amazing detox effects from the glutathione.

I will report back so that if there are others out there who are interested in trying this, you will have some feedback from someone who has done it. I am holding out hope that this will kick me into permanent remission.  If anyone reading this has done it, please let me know how it went for you.

Avocado for RSD patients

I just reintroduced large amounts of avocado to my diet after needing a break. I’ve had a whole avocado for breakfast every day for the last week. And it feels good. I already knew about the anti-inflammatory benefits and the massive amounts of Vitamin K for neuro help. But the dr on Friday told me it is great for glutathione (i will be getting IV drip of glutathione on my 8 week high dose Vitamin C experiment).  Glutathione is great for neuro health AND liver health — those two are very much related. If your liver is sluggish, your body is much more full of toxins than it ought to be and your sympathetic system goes into extra overdrive (extra because RSDers are already in overdrive) to fight them off and we get those awful headaches.

“The ability of avocado to help prevent unwanted inflammation is absolutely unquestionable in the world of health research. The term “anti-inflammatory” is a term that truly applies to this delicious food. Avocado’s anti-inflammatory nutrients fall into five basic categories.” Read more at the link below.  I sprinkle my avocado with cayenne to help purify my blood and to help circulation.




I do get like this every time i try a  new thing but I think hope and faith go a long way when it comes to medicine.  I dive right in to whatever.. unless it’s made in a lab in Jersey and then I’m convinced you’re trying to kill me slowly (nothing to see here. no crazy. move along…).

Let’s just say Doc was lucky he made it out of the exam room without me trying to mount him. Basically he said everything I have been thinking about Vitamin C and everything i wanted to hear. I think my responses were surprising to him. I needed no convincing. Sign me up. I’m in.  He went through my list of supplements and was like “you’ve got this well covered.” I don’t think I have EVER had a dr tell me that.

So he recommended 8 weeks of high dose C, glutathione, Meyer’s Cocktail and B 12. And I think my exact words were “you’re never going to get rid of me.”  Yes, i really know how to play hard to get. 

Today i just did the Meyers and glutathione and i am just hearing that glutathione will help my skin too!?!  i also read that it will whiten my skin??? Have you f-ing seen me??? My brother already calls me Twilight. I will be translucent.

Doctor said high dose C and glutathione were GREAT for RSD and glutathione specifically is great for neuro issues.  Very excited!!!