IV Vitamins

People wonder about IV Vitamins…

For me, these were too strong.  The Vitamin C was WAY too hectic for my body and caused me issues.  My doctor said  it helped other RSD patients but it seemed to me that it is entirely too stimulating for RSD.

The glutathione, i think, was great but i just try to eat avocados daily instead.  And the Myers Cocktail I liked but I think i would only use that if i get the flu or something. I am a big believer  now that pushing kale, avocados and high nutrient foods MOST of the time will give me what i need. I just try to not eat things that do not contribute to my healing.  I also find that i do better without gluten.  😦 I am sad about that…

Brain Fog Fix

For those of us who struggle with brain fog, we know very well how awful it is and how you can’t really manage to do anything when it hits.

Here’s what i know helps me
: Omega 3 fish oil capsules every day. I keep them in the fridge so I don’t stink (i don’t think I stink anyway).

Here’s what completely knocked it out
: glutathione IV and/or the Meyer’s Cocktail IV. Either one of those or both together made the brain fog a non-issue and it was GLORIOUS. Not sure yet. I tend to think it was the glutathione because it cleanses the liver but I have yet to do that IV on its own. I will do that and report back. Since I stopped doing the IVs regularly, my brain fog is back. I should note that it has been much less severe though.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t develop brain fog right away. That came later and after lots and lots of pills. I recently spoke with a heart patient who was getting an IV next to me. She was born with a heart condition in which people do not live past 18 years. She was just about to celebrate her 35th birthday and partly credited her monthly IV vitamin cocktail for that. She sees that much of a difference just once a month. So I wonder if eventually I can do the IVs once a month or every two weeks to keep the headaches and fatigue at bay while not breaking the bank.

Day 1, IV Vitamin C Therapy

I feel like today’s vitamins all went to the funky green monster living in my lungs and throat at the moment but that’s ok. I coughed the entire time and it’s a good thing they keep you sequestered for that. I would have been unhappy to have anyone around me.

I first had a bag of glutathione which is apparently amazing for neuro problems which took about 15 minutes. Then i had a bag of the high dose C + Myers Cocktail which were mixed together. That bag took about 90 minutes to drip.  They had to keep getting me glasses of water which they told me is normal. The high dose C apparently dehydrates you something crazy. And it did. After that, I had a shot of B 12.  I happen to know from prior bloodtests that i am deficient in B 12. B 12 is important for neuro function.

Nothing exciting to report yet but I am excited to potentially avoid using my antibiotics prescription for the funk in my lungs. Dr thinks the vitamins might knock it out first.

I do feel a little more human and hoping that by next week i can focus more on my RSD symptoms after the vitamins so that i can report back any changes.  I imagine changes will be subtle though and  have more of a cumulative effect after several treatments. I will find out!

In 10 days I begin my IV high dose vitamin c

In 10 days I begin my IV high dose vitamin c trial.  I will go once a week and be there for a few hours to get the high dose C, the glutathione, the Myer’s Cocktail and a shot of B 12.  I will do this once a week for 8 weeks and then meet up with the doctor. He thinks I will be substantially better at that time.  I feel the effect that eating for my condition has on me and so to directly get those nutrients to my cells without just hoping I am metabolizing…it’s HUGE. I have this vision that my cells are just thirsty and my condition has made it harder to feed them.  I can’t wait to saturate them with all those vitamins and minerals and to have amazing detox effects from the glutathione.

I will report back so that if there are others out there who are interested in trying this, you will have some feedback from someone who has done it. I am holding out hope that this will kick me into permanent remission.  If anyone reading this has done it, please let me know how it went for you.

Myer’s Cocktail

I didn’t know what this was until recently…I will be getting an IV bag of this on the same day i get my Vitamin C. I had this yesterday and my skin felt differently although, to be honest, I don’t know if it was the Myers or the glutathione. 
I do know that whenever i have had to get IV fluids for a few hours before bilateral sympathetic blocks that my skin was amazing after.  They required the few hours of fluids because shooting  both sides simultaneously causes dramatic blood pressure drop – the  machine could not even read me as a living person the first time. One nurse reported “well, she’s talking to us so i think it’s ok.” Comforting…no more blocks though so no more of that!

But a little extra added bonus: glowing skin. I’ll take it!

Myer’s Cocktail….”It consists of magnesium, calcium, various B vitamins, and vitamin C.  The Myers’ Cocktail has been used to treat general fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia, relieve acute asthma attacks, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinus infections, seasonal allergies, migraine headaches, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, as well as to support recovery from endurance athletics.”

Why to “IV” – the Benefits of Intravenous Nutrient Therapy


I do get like this every time i try a  new thing but I think hope and faith go a long way when it comes to medicine.  I dive right in to whatever.. unless it’s made in a lab in Jersey and then I’m convinced you’re trying to kill me slowly (nothing to see here. no crazy. move along…).

Let’s just say Doc was lucky he made it out of the exam room without me trying to mount him. Basically he said everything I have been thinking about Vitamin C and everything i wanted to hear. I think my responses were surprising to him. I needed no convincing. Sign me up. I’m in.  He went through my list of supplements and was like “you’ve got this well covered.” I don’t think I have EVER had a dr tell me that.

So he recommended 8 weeks of high dose C, glutathione, Meyer’s Cocktail and B 12. And I think my exact words were “you’re never going to get rid of me.”  Yes, i really know how to play hard to get. 

Today i just did the Meyers and glutathione and i am just hearing that glutathione will help my skin too!?!  i also read that it will whiten my skin??? Have you f-ing seen me??? My brother already calls me Twilight. I will be translucent.

Doctor said high dose C and glutathione were GREAT for RSD and glutathione specifically is great for neuro issues.  Very excited!!!