Brain Fog Fix

For those of us who struggle with brain fog, we know very well how awful it is and how you can’t really manage to do anything when it hits.

Here’s what i know helps me
: Omega 3 fish oil capsules every day. I keep them in the fridge so I don’t stink (i don’t think I stink anyway).

Here’s what completely knocked it out
: glutathione IV and/or the Meyer’s Cocktail IV. Either one of those or both together made the brain fog a non-issue and it was GLORIOUS. Not sure yet. I tend to think it was the glutathione because it cleanses the liver but I have yet to do that IV on its own. I will do that and report back. Since I stopped doing the IVs regularly, my brain fog is back. I should note that it has been much less severe though.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t develop brain fog right away. That came later and after lots and lots of pills. I recently spoke with a heart patient who was getting an IV next to me. She was born with a heart condition in which people do not live past 18 years. She was just about to celebrate her 35th birthday and partly credited her monthly IV vitamin cocktail for that. She sees that much of a difference just once a month. So I wonder if eventually I can do the IVs once a month or every two weeks to keep the headaches and fatigue at bay while not breaking the bank.

A great health blog on magnesium.

A great health blog on magnesium.

“Being magnesium deficient can contribute to fatigue, stress, muscle cramps and spasms, and more.  Magnesium is extremely alkalizing so it can help reverse tissue deterioration.  This essential mineral is necessary for the body in order to maintain normal nerve and muscle function, build strong bones, and keep a healthy immune system.”  —  From the oolaboolah blog

I believe magnesium played a huge part of what helped me turn around in 2010.  I had so much difficulty walking.  My ankle muscles would not function (the nerves at L5 took the brunt of the hit from the rogue graft).  Remember: nerves control muscles.  Whether it’s spasm or lack of motor control,  magnesium really could help – a lot.  I take much of mine through my skin in the form of epsom salt baths.

I really do think that, along with Omega 3s, magnesium may be key to curing myself.  Even if it’s not the ticket, I really do love my baths.

Is it all in the Omega 3s??

I took one day off from the high doses of Omega 3s and my brain went right back to crazy zapping yesterday.  This was after a few calmer days with the new fish oil i bought and taking a lot of it. I wonder if Omega 3s are the key to calming our brains — not just for medication detoxing but also for the RSD/CRPS headaches themselves (which, we may discover, may be part of a detox problem).  Maybe Omega 3s are the key to everything.. put them in the fridge as they are also the key to stinky fish breath if you don’t.

I am still adding my 3,6,9 pill in there but going for it with the high quality Omega 3s and holy crap, it makes a serious difference. They need to have high amounts of EPA/DHA or you’re wasting some time and money. The 3,6,9 soft gel i was relying on did not have enough.

Look at what doctors are doing. They inject people with ketamine for the sole purpose of calming the nervous system. The problem is that people’s bodies generally only stay in that state for 3-9 months and then are back paying a few grand for another injection.  I’ve been overly focused on magnesium through epsom salts which is also calming but i need to focus on Omega 3s as well.  I still believe CRPS/RSD is different in each person because it is an imbalance that shows itself at the healing process and only gets worse because doctors throw medications at the problem (i’ve discussed Neurontin/vitamin k deficiency on this blog before) that perhaps only complicate the issue.

For people who don’t think fish oil is a big deal: i’ve stopped taking it days before a procedure and still have had extra bleeding when they put the IV in. That stuff is no joke as a blood thinner so be careful and ask your doctor.

Morphine Withdrawal Was Easier Than This…

I’m not even joking. Nearly a year on MS Contin…that was a few miserable days of withdrawal (granted I had oxycodone to soften that blow). I was on Cymbalta from late April until five days ago and someone needs to just knock me the F out. Punch me, whatever.

I have purposefully made this harder on myself but I have a theory that anything that jolts your brain like this could potentially bring on RSD remission.  When i detoxed from oxycodone two years ago, in addition to spending nights in my bathtub like an f-ing junkie, i started having burning, electrical sensations also hit my arms (as if my legs and feet weren’t enough). I tried not to worry and hoped my brain was just freaking out. Turns out, i was right! It went from total electrical malfunction to normal. Not RSD normal. My old normal. Suddenly nothing hurt me.  It was amazing.  If you have RSD and you’ve had a remission, you know how AWESOME that is and why I am willing to essentially go cold turkey off of Cymbalta which is, admittedly,  a touch of cray. This stuff does such a number on your serotonin levels. I gained a solid 10 pounds just going on this medication. I might be just as excited for that weight loss as i am at possible remission (I know. Shut up).

So it’s day 5 and i am still feeling the brain zaps. Today feels a little less intense. Not sure if it’s because i am getting closer to normal or that i bought out the vitamins section of Whole Foods last night and something is working. I did learn last night that the Omega 3s I had been taking were shit.  I am constantly learning that i know nothing. I also realize that i might just be forgetting a lot as i rediscovered (and bought) supplements at the store last night that i found i also had at home.  Yep, after I cure my RSD, i can move on to my early onset dementia.