No, not me.  Not yet.  Soon enough. 😉

This woman’s story brought tears to my eyes. I especially could relate to the feeling of coming out of a remission. I had a few months of remission in late 2010 and when i hurt myself in physical therapy i knew what was happening and it was horrible.   You beat it !  And then you haven’t.  It was hard to explain to others and I didn’t even want to talk about it. 

It’s interesting that people often go into remission for just a few months which is how long the effects of ketamine infusions usually last. Is it a cellular turnover issue? Maybe we need to live in bubbles like John Travolta until enough time passes before we put ourselves into a situation where we can get hurt.  Not enough people get that reference. More people get Bubble Boy. But the John Travolta/Mr. Brady movie was so horrifically bad that it begs to be mocked (not mocking the poor fictional kid with a compromised immune system – I’m not a total animal).

GMI – winning with CRPS

Happy New Year!

For the last five years New Years Eve and New Years Day has been a lot of me convincing myself that “this is going to be my year.”  It felt like I had a tough hill to climb and i could never see the other side – until now.

2012 was good to me. And in 2013 I will continue my quest to cure myself so i can then one day tell you i did it and maybe it can help someone out there who is in pain.  I’ve tried a lot of things and almost all of the natural things have helped as long as I listen to my body. 

I have said before, i believe RSD is caused by nutritional imbalance that shows itself upon injury and creates mind-blowing pain when the body is attempting to heal itself.  The body is essentially  stuck in an inflammatory response.  It is then made horrifically worse with medicines which have their own unintended nutritional consequences. Many of the drugs we take cause further nutritional deficiencies. There is no one thing that works because each of us is different, has a different diet, lifestyle etc.

I could be wrong…but based on what I have experienced, I don’t think I am.  I realize those of us who have suffered repetitive nerve injury may not fall into this category… except my nerve injury basically healed after a year.  Why didn’t my body chill out after that?

This week I have an appointment with a cardiologist who runs the IV nutritional therapy center. I am excited to discuss with him the potential for high dose C, K and magnesium – the three i am quite sure will help me.  If I saturate my cells with these vitamins, will that kick me into a remission? I hope to report back that it does.



Putting the fire out

A few things have helped me when the burning pain got to be too much: a shot of Toradol or a few days of diluted raw apple cider vinegar have shown the quickest change.  I think the ACV has actually worked better and i’ve felt close to remission this way. It just tastes like garbage and you really can’t drink it in those amounts for very long without making yourself sick (you can change the PH too much in your body).  Anyone have any other secrets for this pain?

I think this rainy weather or my detox has me thinking ACV today. I would do something cooling but my acupuncturist says I am cold in the inside (i know, dead on after the last post) and that the heat is in my skin (where the small nerves are). So doing anything too cooling can backfire on me on a cool day. I’m already treating the mechanism (the inflammatory response) with fish oil, turmeric, magnesium etc. but i feel it’s time to treat the symptom when i start feeling like this.