Massage Benefits

  • Back pain . More than one study has shown the effectiveness of massage therapy for back pain. In fact, one 2003 study showed it worked better than acupuncture or spinal modification for persistent low back pain — reducing the need for painkillers by 36%.
  • Headache . Another type of pain — headache — also responds to massage therapy, as shown by more than one study. Massage therapy can reduce the number of migraines a person has and also improve sleep.
  • Osteoarthritis . In the first clinical trial looking at the effectiveness of Swedish massage for knee osteoarthritis, participants who received a one-hour massage either one or two times a week had improvements in pain, stiffness, and function. The control group had no such change.
  • Cancer. Used as a complement to traditional, Western medicine, massage can promote relaxation and reduce cancer symptoms or side effects of treatment. It may help reduce pain, swelling, fatigue, nausea, or depression, for example, or improve the function of your immune system.
  • Anxiety. A review of more than 12 studies shows that massage helps relieve depression and anxiety. It lowered levels of cortisol by up to 50%. And massage increased levels of neurotransmitters that help reduce depression.

From Web MD.  The most startling number here – that it can lower cortisol levels by 50%. Goodbye grey hairs!! 😉 And if you have pain of any kind, to increase the levels of neurotransmitters to reduce depression is a wonderful thing. You may not be actively depressed but there is a reason drs prescribe antidepressants to pain patients. Remember, i am not a doctor. I just have enough experience as a pain patient to have my opinions.

Check with your doctor. I am not allowed to do deep tissue massage because of the RSD. But Swedish massage has really been helpful and i am trying to incorporate it more often. It has so  many benefits and many people do not realize they have some massage under their health plan every year. You should check yours. I have some but the co pay is more than the place i go to around the corner.

I still very much love men

But i met the coolest girl yesterday!!  Unfortunately she was also at the iv therapy center to treat pain and fatigue issues. But it was great to meet someone who was there seeking the same things. We both griped about the fact that we can get Percocet for a lifetime but nobody will prescribe us the vitamin therapy.

Yesterday I skipped the high dose c and the B 12. I can’t explain it but i knew i could not handle the pull on my immune system. I have to trust my gut and how i feel as i maneuver through this process.  The Myer’s Cocktail and the glutathione made me feel like a million bucks after. I had so much energy and yet i felt calm at the same time.

I just booked a Swedish massage for the early evening.  I am realizing that the calming factor of the Swedish massage may help me even more than the direct help to my muscles and joints. I also did my qi gong last night before an epsom salt bath. It’s funny how i can feel stressed out (for no reason, just my system is amped) and put on a 20 minute meditative form of qi gong and basically fall asleep during it.  That’s what you call relaxation.  It felt like five minutes had gone by but it was 20.

Life is good

First off, i just drove to Marina del Rey and back. The last time i was able to do that was late 2008/early 2009 (just before things got gnarly). I was almost in tears. I’ve actually missed driving the 405!!! And i almost ran a red right in front of a cop getting on the 10…GLORIOUS!!!

I nearly crumbled to the ground on my return but i made it! This was better than my drive to Brentwood on Thanskgiving when i had tears streaming down my face and just kept driving into West LA. This time I got to my destination.

The dentist replaced a few fillings. Hoping to change my brain chemistry with that as well as the dietary changes I implemented a year ago and, of course, my recent quick drop off Cymbalta.  I want my brain to tweak and come Sunday i will go for another Swedish massage in the hope it will help desensitize my nerves but also to open up the meridians running down my lower legs which have been blocked for so long.

I just booked a consultation with the cardiologist who runs an IV nutritional place here in town. I have to wait until after the New Year 😦 but i am super excited to get planning for my two week IV Vitamin C trial, assuming this guy will prescribe it.  I looked at other places and this seems a little more legit that they want my bloodwork and everything first.  I have my cilantro/cholorella mx going, just took a garlic pill, and ate a kale and edamame salad.

I bought a box of lady fingers…does it count as junk food it I bought it at Rainbow Acres???? Say no.