Delfin Spa products

Let me start by saying that much like everything else on this blog, I have no idea what is correct (ok not just on this blog but life in general…) or medically proper. I just try things to see if they help me. I am not a doctor. But these products seem to help me.

I recently have dealt with edema that I could not get rid of no matter what.  I do believe the IV vitamin C was the culprit. The other IV vitamins seemed to help. C was too hectic.  I was checked out by an MD about the edema and it was chalked up to RSD.

I stumbled upon these products and, in many ways, things got better. It pulled excess water out of the tissue and I was able to sweat in places I had stopped sweating. I feel RSD just does weird things to your sweating. These products made blood flow return and warm me up. I don’t know if these products would help anyone in a more acute stage where blood flow wasn’t happening and things were cold. I really have no clue except that I do like to share information since i am almost always trying something new. I think these products so far are pretty great. I am just cautious about not over-using them because they can be a bit overwhelming in how warm they get.

IV Vitamins

People wonder about IV Vitamins…

For me, these were too strong.  The Vitamin C was WAY too hectic for my body and caused me issues.  My doctor said  it helped other RSD patients but it seemed to me that it is entirely too stimulating for RSD.

The glutathione, i think, was great but i just try to eat avocados daily instead.  And the Myers Cocktail I liked but I think i would only use that if i get the flu or something. I am a big believer  now that pushing kale, avocados and high nutrient foods MOST of the time will give me what i need. I just try to not eat things that do not contribute to my healing.  I also find that i do better without gluten.  😦 I am sad about that…

IV Vitamin C Is A Mixed Bag (literally)

Here’s my report on my high dose c experiment (and other iv vitamins):

Weight gain:  I am fairly certain high dose c has upped my blood sugar and caused me to put on a bunch of weight.  I don’t consume enough calories to pack on weight like this so I am taking a break for now of all IV vitamins until i get my blood test results.

My Report Back to My Dr. This Week: When my rheumotologist examined me this week (other than the obvious weight gain), he was really pleased. He commented on how my joints felt and skin looked. And when i reported to him that my brain fog and fatigue were essentially non-existent, he wanted to hear more. He didn’t know a lot about iv vitamins but he does not want me to stop doing it because it is helping so much. He just has me on pause to figure out the weight gain

Overall benies: I have a clearer head which allows me to focus better and i’ve been able to work more. I’ve had more energy.  My pain has been less. I already had the pain aspect fairly under control but, of course, when you’re fatigued you can experience that pain more. And so i think it has helped in that way. It did even turn my pain off a few times right after.

If i could give myself advice two months ago: I would tell myself to only do high dose C and B12 every now and then because the pull on my body might be too much and potentially caused my blood sugar to go batty.

I would tell myself to maintain a healthy amount of fluids – it really affects how your veins operate. No joke. If i have been a bit dehydrated, i have been there for hours longer than i should have been because my veins are too slow. Makes me think about how important it is to drink adequate amounts of water at all times. I would tell myself to eat right beforehand, preferably a bit of sugar so i don’t feel funky during.

Future: I will likely keep going there even if it’s once every few weeks. It is expensive but if it can help me earn more money and help me to enjoy life a little bit more, it will be well worth it. I have a feeling i will integrate Meyer’s Cocktail and Glutathione into a regular routine and dump the high dose c. 

All in all, this has been a positive experience for Chubbs McGee here.  Pre-RSD me would have freaked the hell out about gaining weight like this. While we are addressing it, I am not worried. I’m super excited to have found a therapy that helps me. We just need to tweak it a bit.


High Dose C May Lower CRP Levels

Very interesting blog… I am very excited to get my CRP retaken (a pro-inflammatory marker) next week and compare now that i have done nearly two months of high dose IVC. 

“The Riordan Clinic has long been interested in the use of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) at millimolar concentrations (attainable via intravenous infusions) to treat illnesses associated with inflammation, including cancer, atherosclerosis, and viral infections.  At high doses, vitamin C has been shown to reduce the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.”

“The effect of intravenous vitamin C (IVC) treatment on subjects with RA demonstrated that IVC therapy with dosages of 7.5 g-50g can reduce inflammation and the pain levels. The inflammation as measured by C-reactive protein levels was decreased on average by 44 %.”

Here is a link to the study.

Really missing IV therapy this week

The nurse was not in this week and so no IV vitamins. I definitely feel the way i used to feel on a Friday – beat up.  I’ve been doing the IV therapy on Wednesday and i end up really feeling refreshed and have energy throughout the week from it.  I really really do feel that the IV therapy has been big for me.  I wanted to report that just in case anyone is thinking about trying it. I think it’s helping me.


I still very much love men

But i met the coolest girl yesterday!!  Unfortunately she was also at the iv therapy center to treat pain and fatigue issues. But it was great to meet someone who was there seeking the same things. We both griped about the fact that we can get Percocet for a lifetime but nobody will prescribe us the vitamin therapy.

Yesterday I skipped the high dose c and the B 12. I can’t explain it but i knew i could not handle the pull on my immune system. I have to trust my gut and how i feel as i maneuver through this process.  The Myer’s Cocktail and the glutathione made me feel like a million bucks after. I had so much energy and yet i felt calm at the same time.

I just booked a Swedish massage for the early evening.  I am realizing that the calming factor of the Swedish massage may help me even more than the direct help to my muscles and joints. I also did my qi gong last night before an epsom salt bath. It’s funny how i can feel stressed out (for no reason, just my system is amped) and put on a 20 minute meditative form of qi gong and basically fall asleep during it.  That’s what you call relaxation.  It felt like five minutes had gone by but it was 20.

IV Vitamin C – Week 5 Report

I wanted to give a little report now that i am more than half way through my IV C vitamin therapy. It’s hard to measure pain because it is so affected by just about everything you do. But here’s what I’ve noticed:

— I work from home as a result of my RSD.  Normally if I put too many hours in or things are too stressful, I end up exhausted  and in a ton of pain. I often then end my work day.  The last few weeks have been crazy at work. I worked all last weekend. It’s been hectic and stressful. But, I haven’t had any days where my pain has been out of control and I have put more hours in than i otherwise normally can.  I have had far more energy.  This, to me, is amazing since one of my biggest gripes about RSD is the fatigue from pain.

— I have a small patch of eczema on one of my fingers. If you’re not looking for it, you’d probably not notice it. It has been much smoother since I started the IV C. On the days i have IV C, it looks like normal skin.  Considering eczema is an inflammatory symptom, I’m excited to actually SEE a difference.

— There is one thing that’s bizarre but also makes sense. I think the day after the infusion my immune system is stimulated. That feeling goes away. I have no idea if other people even perceive that feeling at all or i’ve become way too in touch with my body.

— It’s funny that what i call stress is different than what other people do. I now see the slightest pull on my reserve as stress. I try my hardest not to let things hit me or to run around like i need to be somewhere as if my life depended on it. It doesn’t. I know that any stress is triggering an inflammatory response. I felt my inflammation go bananas last Friday night (from work) and i made an immediate appointment for swedish massage. It was amazing and turned it right off.  AND she restored my neuro signal for a little bit and i even jogged (ok “jogged”) home in the rain for a block after.

I think the biggest test will be to see how my bloodtests come back next month. Hopefully there will be changes to my previously abnormal test results (but in the right direction). 


So it looks like my flu made the iv c pretty awful for me the last few weeks. Being sans flu and eating a Nutrigrain bar half way through my glutathione drip made all the difference. I had the IV C after the glutathione and that went quickly and i felt just fine during.

Also, it put the fire out on my pain. Nice bonus!! I skipped the B 12 shot this week since i’ve had no acupuncture in over two weeks. With my nervous system running wild without Dr Lee, i figured i would not invite more excitement to my system with either the B 12 itself or the physical act of getting a shot.

Anyway, happy to report this feels like it helped me today. 🙂

Time to get my mojo back

My body has not had the best time recently due to the flu,  missing two acupuncture appointments because of it and then having some motor issues again at my ankles. Being off my feet with the flu just did a number on my ankle function. I can walk but it’s not feeling so great because my talor tilt is off again – meaning my feet want to flop inward.  You can imagine how that could cause pain.  As my podiatrist once put it when my talor tilt was out: “you walk like an animal.” 

I am hopeful for the nutrient cumulative effect but I think the domino effect from the flu really threw this a bit. I am hopeful that i will get back to my norm soon and then build on that. I also am excited that i have bloodtests from just before the IV therapy started and have an appointment with the rheumotologist just after we are done for more bloodwork. I look forward to the comparison.

I recently posted a blog of a woman who did 12 weeks IV C. Prior to starting, she had blood work done showing some gnarly antibodies to 12 different things – including Hepatitis B, chlamydia, Epstein Bar and some things i’ve never heard of.  After the 12 week period, HALF of the antibodies were gone from her blood. That’s awesome.

Now i just need to start drinking massive amounts of water this morning to attempt to be ready for the C this afternoon. I am also going to bring a snack to attempt to keep my blood sugar level during.