Doctor Confined to Wheelchair Walks Again By Changing Her Diet

Very inspiring!!  I watched her Tedtalk a few years ago and she’s actually the reason I thought to do IV vitamins.   That proved to be far too powerful (did some wacky things) and I think sticking with healthy foods to heal is where I will stay.   She has sold me on kale and its benefits.   For the longest time I hated kale and now I actually crave it because it does make me feel so much better, especially when it is the primary food in my diet.

Food to Improve Inflammation Levels

I am so empowered by articles and blogs like this one.  I do feel it for myself that if I eat things for my brain and for my liver,  I feel a whole lot better overall and my RSD symptoms are much fewer.  Leafy greens, cabbage and avocados. Lots of avocados. I feel those are the foods that help me the most (in addition to fish and eggs).  Also last night after I had sushi and green tea for dinner there may or may not have been marshmallow Peeps in my belly.

The portion of this most important for RSDers, I think, is Paragraph 3 of this link: “A plant-based diet improves inflammation, weight, and vascular health.”

“A recent research group in Pennsylvania studied 63 individuals with heart disease who followed the Ornish program and compared them to a group of 63 people who did not follow any particular program. While the control group experienced no improvement in health, the Ornish group lost weight and blood pressure fell by about 10%.

At 12 weeks, researchers found that 26 genes were exhibiting different activity in the Ornish group. After a year, 143 genes were doing the same. The genes that promoted inflammation and blood vessel injury were significantly reduced in activity. The control group showed no improvements as they maintained their standard diet during the year.





I have not been doing the IV vitamins for many months now.  I think they were more of a learning experience than anything else and I can see now what helps me and hurts me a bit better than I could before.  One major help for me is the avocado.  I try to eat at least a half of a small one every day (but usually it’s a whole one. Please don’t judge me).  🙂

There is vitamin K, glutathione and a bunch of other goodies in there.  I am not a nutritionist or anything but I am glued to this website (see below)  They have a list of the 100 best foods and i try to mainly eat from this list.

Avocado for RSD patients

I just reintroduced large amounts of avocado to my diet after needing a break. I’ve had a whole avocado for breakfast every day for the last week. And it feels good. I already knew about the anti-inflammatory benefits and the massive amounts of Vitamin K for neuro help. But the dr on Friday told me it is great for glutathione (i will be getting IV drip of glutathione on my 8 week high dose Vitamin C experiment).  Glutathione is great for neuro health AND liver health — those two are very much related. If your liver is sluggish, your body is much more full of toxins than it ought to be and your sympathetic system goes into extra overdrive (extra because RSDers are already in overdrive) to fight them off and we get those awful headaches.

“The ability of avocado to help prevent unwanted inflammation is absolutely unquestionable in the world of health research. The term “anti-inflammatory” is a term that truly applies to this delicious food. Avocado’s anti-inflammatory nutrients fall into five basic categories.” Read more at the link below.  I sprinkle my avocado with cayenne to help purify my blood and to help circulation.


Happy New Year!

For the last five years New Years Eve and New Years Day has been a lot of me convincing myself that “this is going to be my year.”  It felt like I had a tough hill to climb and i could never see the other side – until now.

2012 was good to me. And in 2013 I will continue my quest to cure myself so i can then one day tell you i did it and maybe it can help someone out there who is in pain.  I’ve tried a lot of things and almost all of the natural things have helped as long as I listen to my body. 

I have said before, i believe RSD is caused by nutritional imbalance that shows itself upon injury and creates mind-blowing pain when the body is attempting to heal itself.  The body is essentially  stuck in an inflammatory response.  It is then made horrifically worse with medicines which have their own unintended nutritional consequences. Many of the drugs we take cause further nutritional deficiencies. There is no one thing that works because each of us is different, has a different diet, lifestyle etc.

I could be wrong…but based on what I have experienced, I don’t think I am.  I realize those of us who have suffered repetitive nerve injury may not fall into this category… except my nerve injury basically healed after a year.  Why didn’t my body chill out after that?

This week I have an appointment with a cardiologist who runs the IV nutritional therapy center. I am excited to discuss with him the potential for high dose C, K and magnesium – the three i am quite sure will help me.  If I saturate my cells with these vitamins, will that kick me into a remission? I hope to report back that it does.



Is it all in the Omega 3s??

I took one day off from the high doses of Omega 3s and my brain went right back to crazy zapping yesterday.  This was after a few calmer days with the new fish oil i bought and taking a lot of it. I wonder if Omega 3s are the key to calming our brains — not just for medication detoxing but also for the RSD/CRPS headaches themselves (which, we may discover, may be part of a detox problem).  Maybe Omega 3s are the key to everything.. put them in the fridge as they are also the key to stinky fish breath if you don’t.

I am still adding my 3,6,9 pill in there but going for it with the high quality Omega 3s and holy crap, it makes a serious difference. They need to have high amounts of EPA/DHA or you’re wasting some time and money. The 3,6,9 soft gel i was relying on did not have enough.

Look at what doctors are doing. They inject people with ketamine for the sole purpose of calming the nervous system. The problem is that people’s bodies generally only stay in that state for 3-9 months and then are back paying a few grand for another injection.  I’ve been overly focused on magnesium through epsom salts which is also calming but i need to focus on Omega 3s as well.  I still believe CRPS/RSD is different in each person because it is an imbalance that shows itself at the healing process and only gets worse because doctors throw medications at the problem (i’ve discussed Neurontin/vitamin k deficiency on this blog before) that perhaps only complicate the issue.

For people who don’t think fish oil is a big deal: i’ve stopped taking it days before a procedure and still have had extra bleeding when they put the IV in. That stuff is no joke as a blood thinner so be careful and ask your doctor.