My favorite balm

I have most of my extended family members addicted to this stuff now (as much as one can be addicted to a Ben Gay-like product).  It’s a cure all and amazing for aches and pains.  It’s a tad pricey but it lasts a while as you only need a little bit at a time.  I also use it in place of Vicks for chest congestion and, when i have brain fog, it feels good to put some on my forehead.

It’s the balm!

It’s the balm!

I know. Dumb play on words but i am easily amused.

Wintercrest Balm is AMAZING and anyone who knows me well has witnessed me run for this when anyone has complained of, well, anything. But for my RSD, it’s amazing for joint stiffness when it pops up as well as muscle spasms.

It seems a bit pricey but it actually lasts a while. I use this for congestion, sore throat, headache…really anything. It is cooling so i do not put it on my feet or lower legs generally.