Traditional Chinese Medicine


I used to think people who did acupuncture were nutty hippies (sorry Deb) and always thought it was just people relaxing and if you were going to relax, just get a massage.  Why are you letting someone stick fricking needles in you?? Have a martini!

It was after my first back surgery that I started to see real effects.  My Aunt Deb is a licensed acupuncturist and it has been her guidance that has helped me to discover the things that have brought me this far (thanks Deb). When I was back a year later convalescing after the second surgery, there was a little more concern and a lot more pain.  Things didn’t go as planned. Deb gave me needles, showed me acupressure points I use to this day and gave me confidence that I could overcome this.  She also introduced me to qi gong.  I don’t know where I would be without her guidance.

I saw an RSD specialist and explained to him how I managed without pain medications ( at that point I was taking ibuprofen and robaxin as needed). I told him how Dr. Lee treated me and he told me that’s how I stayed well – Dr. Lee had been calming my nervous system. Sounds a bit like what they charge thousands of dollars to inject you with ketamine for…

KEY:  Asking to be treated with needles for severe anxiety even if I don’t have severe anxiety to calm the nervous system.  I feel that treating organs directly was not good for me. But just treating for a panic attack even though there was no panic attack, calmed everything so that pain lessened.

Cupping:  Asking for cupping when my muscles are in spasm or I am inflamed.  This has been HUGE for me. There are not many quick fixes in life.  This is one of them for muscle spasms.

Bloodletting:  This was a game changer for me back in October of 2009 – the first time I had it done. I was in agony because the blood was stuck in my feet. They were a deep red/purple color and no amount of Oxycodone and Ms Contin could help.  Until bloodletting. Game changer.

Qi Gong:  I now practice this daily for at least 20 minutes in the morning but I have found myself doing more because it just helps me to do more and it feels good.  The effects are cumulative.  There are many forms of qi gong.  I have worked with a guy named Paul Fraser who also assists remotely.

Here’s his site but google “qi gong” in your area and you will find someone close by or get right onto you tube or itunes.

Herbs: Do not just take herbs without a professional, licensed herbalist.  People assume herbs aren’t potent but they absolutely are and you need to be guided along as to what your body needs.  My acu is an herbalist and he has mixed me herb packets that have tasted absolutely disgusting but have helped immensely.

2 thoughts on “Traditional Chinese Medicine

  1. I am reading this and crying. I lived in Dallas when diagnosed. No one understood, my husband and doctors told me I was faking it. My husband left me, I was miserable. I was on two crutches and being told to use a motorized scooter, it took time I am off all medications, walk without a crutch or anything. Occasionally, I have pain especially during harsh weather changes. Now my college age kids say “you are not disabled…” There is light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there I know, but keep the faith and STAY POSITIVE.
    Be blessed.

    • And now you make me cry! Amazing story. How awful and then how wonderful!! What a way to overcome. You’re awesome. Thank you for sharing this with me. If i can figure out a way (I am a moron with this blog) to have people post their inspirational stories, i’d love to have you be the first person. I feel the internet is riddled with the bad stories and these are harder to come by but people need to hear this. Thank you! Stay well!

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